Simplicity Itself

2933 Words

“Inner Panorama?” Zax got up and asked his Master. Kartius shook his stag head and said in resignation. “Back then I only gave you an abbreviated explanation of the third form of meditation. I didn’t expect that you will reach it so fast… Naturally, you don’t know about the Inner Panorama”. “Martial son, Zax”, the use of both names signified to Zax that his Master was about to impart on him some knowledge. “It’s my fault that I did not tell you this before… Now that you adapted to a second bottleneck of insight, in the future you should not mention this one, the first bottleneck and other bottlenecks that you will comprehend. Among cultivators this matter is taboo for discussion. You can’t be sure who comprehended the same bottlenecks as you did. And if you go and talk about it frivolous

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