Assassination Mission

2501 Words

In the roughly four years that passed since Zax first met his today Martial brother and sisters, every one of them also had his and her own progression in the Martial path. Currently, other than his big sister, Zetsa, only Shulip had not yet broken through the Core Master realm. A hour ago, Zax’s Master, Kartius, announced that soon he will head out to his first household mission, together with Mes, the Thousand Meters Viper, and Hagen, the Martial sister he had yet met. The gathering place was at the peak of a mountain, which was part of the mountains ridge were the blue tower of Grandmaster Kartion was situated, and the secluded habitation of Hagen. Several tens of meters below the peak was a cavern, sealed by a giant boulder. A tremor engendered from within the sealed cavern and fluc

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