Resentful Guard Chou Ferk

1875 Words

“You big oaf! He is an expert at the epitome of the Martial path, not a mortal!” Varinka angrily punched Giant Havreim’s shoulder. “I know that!” Giant Havreim complained, mildly offended. “I didn’t mean that he got it like a non cultivator. It probably what happened in New Earth that messed him up. I think… if I’d lost you I would’ve been the same”. “Have I turned crazy after losing my husband, sons and daughter?!” Lenrah seethed. “Most of us lost everything we held dear, but he who is supposed to be the best of us, the pillar of our world, had dared to so pathetically mentally escape from the suffering, the hate, the vengeance-” “Enough, Lenrah!” Zechariah scolded. “He isn’t like that!” He lowered his voice. “Something must have happened…” “Wishful thinking”. Lenrah muttered. “I saw

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