Her Request

1904 Words

Flying in the middle of his spacious room, with a queen bed at the left side of his back and two stairs to a private balcony at the right side, Zax was meditating. ‘Reach the Core’, he ruminated on the third stage of Shape the Dantian. ‘Past it I’ll complete the first part of a second eternal elemental transformation and advance to the Sacred rank’. Then, he will not need to turn his back anymore to Mythical Immortals and his survivability when confronting Neonates would sharply increase. ‘I roused my spirit and traversed the path, but where I was led turned out to be an unfamiliar void of a new, precarious space’. Not the desirable destination. He watched the Plain Destruction Event and contemplated his comprehension of it. ‘Reach the Core…’ Different than the former stages, there we

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