Old Rivals Reunited

2472 Words

It was no longer the meager power of the second realm, but a force to be reckoned with, a threat to even Martial Mortals! “Oh, apparently I shouldn’t have abstained from using my Soul Sense. Then again, if I used it, the impact of this surprise would have been abortive”. Smiling, Zax held his hands upfront, reached out and grabbed the invisible scythe and mace. Encompassed by a cohesive invisible energy, one man and one women moving in unison, bonded by a Companion's Link formation! “You two have gotten stronger”. Zax complimented. “But against the person I am now… even augmented by this formation, your chances cannot even be described as slimmer, in comparison to what they had been last time!” Channeling dark attribute energy, Zax’s fingers dug into the invisible energy weapons and wi

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