Lavender Style

1786 Words

Finding those members from New Earth who joined the Violet Scaled Troops and Blessed Army in the past and now were supposed to be in Voltic Star was like finding a needle in a continent of silvery hay. Alone, even if Zax could utilize his Immortal Sense to its maximum capacity there was still no way for him to identify those who came from New Earth. Well, there was one method, but it was not viable… if those who came from New Earth still were Earth’s Core Holders, by locating the Earth’s Cores in their dantian, Zax could verify they originated from New Earth. Sadly, when breaking through to the Core Breaker level, the Earth’s Cores turn entirely to mist energy. As for identifying by searching for humans and beasts with Pure Cores, this solution was also obsolete. First, it was very unli

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