The Sea Is Dangerous And Full Of Treasures

2496 Words

Once Debuk Jin and Ulvi stopped chasing Zax, he paid them no further heed. All hates and enmities he strived to put to the side than let them foster and eat at him when he was too weak to act upon them. Besides, up ahead was a tempest of ice and fire, none of which was directed at him, but attacks spawned randomly in short intervals and wherever. Going around it was also not an option, basically meant returning to his lingering pursuers’ hands. A ball of flames the size of two storeys building shot past him, the heat radiating from it burnt the skin on Zax’s right side. ’That was too close; it looked like just an oversized fireball, but its temperature… The intent is much fiercer than when that bird came after me’. These were no longer attacks aim at a minuscule nuisance such as Zax was

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