Indisputable Truth

1869 Words

“Boijent, withdraw at once!” Nisan snapped. “Humph”. Boijent continued with her disregard and step by step approached Zax with battle intent. “Zax”, Nisan implored. “Boijent is not a regular Shui Shui Elite Fighter. I brought her here to ensure all of us safety, if you’ll please be willing to listen to me-” “Shut up, Nisan”. Boijent grumbled. “Do the ethics on this Star lack basic honorifics?” Zax raised a brow. Up till now, he only heard Professor Vonduver being referred by the title of his degree. “’Honorifics’?” Boijent echoed, unsheathing her sword. “If you did not born or earn it, what else should a person be called other than by their name, Huermand? Did not think your kind is ‘sophisticated’ in another aspect, besides the one you’re notorious about in the rumors…” WHOOSH! She

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