The Earthly Crater

2324 Words

“This obstacle called the Gentic Belt”. Benni explained to Zax, “It encircles the planet, like a very long belt, and can only be safely crossed through the Emerald Cross, on an equipped vessel. Imagined it as the sole punch hole on this large belt”. The girl was very patient and the closeness she maintained to Zax signaled the development of a certain interest. “The buckle is where we’re heading, the Earthly Crater, there- Eh, look! The eruption is finally over”. She pointed at the wall of whirlpools that showed waning signs. “Everyone, the Gentic Belt resumes its calm, but since we already agreed and the Horned Eel’s absence makes it a rare occasion, I say that we should still proceed to the Earthly Crater”. For fairness Zenkai raised the matter up for a second vote, but no one seemed to

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