Soul Binding Formation

2312 Words

“Eh…” Zax’s sudden confession took Anet by surprise. Right at that moment, time stood still, her eyes were fixated on Zax’s resolute face and his words rang through her ears, pulsating in her sea of consciousness. The whirling thoughts that seconds ago agitated Zax, now seemed to transfer to Anet. In the disorder, Anet knew that she has to make some sort of response that was more than just a startling gaffe. Her inner mind tried to make sense of how deep her affectionate feelings for Zax were, not with words, but by deciphering her own emotions. Were there feelings for Zax? Definitely. Were they so strong that they affected her state of mind when thinking about him? No doubt. So then, how accurately she could convert those feelings into words as a response to Zax? The answer for this qu

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