The Summit Of Eden Formation

2137 Words

The golden arched gate that welcomed all students and guests of the prestigious number one Martial school in El-Eden, shone with grandeur in the eyes of Serah and Zushi. Six students stood valiantly guard behind the gate. Five of the six exuded the aura of Core Breakers and one of a Mist Master. All six were in their mid twenties. Glancing past the bars of the gate at the six in gold and white uniforms, Zushi and Serah chocked from reverence despite their lack of major interest in Martial cultivation. There were two reasons why in front of Zax, Zushi and Serah were easygoing and in front of the six they suddenly became so humble. One reason was their good relationship with Zax, which could also explain why they are mellow in the company of Anet. The second reason was Zax’s lack of mist

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