Connecting The Pieces

3837 Words

“Hahaha!” Carl laughed. “What are you saying, friend of the Zuzubare tribe? No need to yield in a friendly exchange, but oh my, who knew that you are just a Mist Lord. You ended up in such a poor state because of my impotent perception. Rest easy, to make up for my wrongdoings me and my little brother will settle in this grove until you will recuperate”. The beak of the Zuzubare tribe member paled as he heard Carl imposing himself so nicely and with fake consideration. “Se… Senior! Don’t bother! Don’t bother!” He shrieked. “Hahaha!” Carl laughed aloud shamelessly. “Of course it won’t be a bother”. His aura flickered and his body appeared next to the parrot head. “Let me give you a hand, friend. Little brother Zax, go fetch us couple of ripe grapes. We should celebrate this blessed encoun

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