Deal Or Not Deal

2725 Words

BOOM! The formation laid in the garden erected a woodland mirage; its sources of energy were buried in forty eight key spots. When Zax’s fist hit the mirage the energy it discharged was absorbed into the vista of woodland. ‘Hm? Does it require more than brute force?’ Zax doubted, but the energy he unleashed seemed to just vanish in the mirage. ‘No, it sufficed’. His eyes shone in satisfaction as the effect of his blow begin to appear. The vegetation in the woodland grew and multiplied increasingly fast, as if in an effort to suppress something erupting from inside. Nevertheless, just as it continually grew anew, so did it even faster wither and die. Soon, seeds that spread in order to instantly become ginormous trees turned to ashes before feeling the earth. BANG! The woodland mirag

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