Demirva Ridge

2417 Words

“That’s the level of strength that truly makes one unbound…” Zax murmured to himself in resignation, after watching the three Martial Mortals flying away. The registration was finally over, as the last expert to join the High Rankers’ trials walked out of the Mercenary Association’s building and nobody followed in. RRURA! RRURA! RRURA! An extremely loud siren at the top of the Mercenary Association’s building and resounded throughout all of Glorious Ground. Zax raised his head to the sky, as everyone around him did. From above the clouds, two huge objects were descending, heading to the plateau outside the city. “Zeppelins!” Aghast, Zax watched with a slacked jaw. The immense airship was only mentioned in Kingdom Earth in records from before the great immigration period and now the

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