The Five Fingers Into Fist Formation

3751 Words

“Serah…” Zushi let out helplessly. “Let’s fight”. Zax ignored Zushi and responded to Livai. Instantly, four huge smiles spread across the faces of the four students behind Livai. “Everyone, we are heading to the court”. Livai glanced at the four behind him, in the process, informing Zax and his friends were the fight will be held. … The “court” in question was the same court Zax battled Don on and walked past with Susuya. Couple classes of Beginner grade students practiced formations, as in the previous time Zax been to the court. Most students were between the ages ten to fifteen. Fewer were around twenty years old and a handful of students were near the graduation’s age, thirty years old. The cultivation level of all present Beginner grade students ranged between F level to D leve

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