Green Snow

2322 Words

‘I will beat them. Believe me; I’m close to gaining the sufficient strength! Then, we, all our New Earth’s kin, won’t have to hide and cower from anyone!’ Upon finishing narrating all that happened to him since he last departed Kingdom Earth, apart from the conversation with Archbishop Silternjan, Zax included every detail and made a firm pledge to Anet and Zetsa. The convoy was on the move and the hour was nearing early noon. It took a while for both women to transmit a message back, as Zax taught them. They were lamenting on the new kind of danger that was made known to them, reflecting on the manner to respond. ‘Our families… our friends…’ For the very first time in their relationship Zax heard a tone he did not recognize, directed at him from Anet. ‘Take the communicators back, Zax

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