Unwelcome Guests

2317 Words

"God?!" Zax exclaimed. The word was not foreign to him; he even memorized it in Netherling. But the notion? The concept of a higher being? Both were exempted in today's society of New Earth. After the great immigration, Nature was all that was and all there is. “Is something wrong? Don’t you do obeisance at your land?” Mendor was aghast from Zax’s reaction. From the content of their conversation and Medor’s criticism, Zax hastily understood that he unknowingly treaded upon a very sensitive, very important matter that relates to, possibly, the entirety of Ercas Mir and yet was absent from Earth’s Records! On the one hand he thought that it would be for the best to lie and say that where he comes from his people worship God. The drawback was that, in a further discussion, his ignorance c

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