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“Mendor”, Zax called out. He waited for almost thirty minutes, after leaving the registration office, for all the mercenaries and villagers to enter the city. “Mm? What’s wrong?” Mendor saw the bothered look on Zax’s face. “Where are we going?” Zax asked in turn. “Well, I need to lead the villagers to the law enforcement station to hand over the bandits and my men need to carry the alligator’s parts to the Business Centre of the city”. “I’ll go with you and explain on the way”. Time in the risky and sometimes unrewarding profession as a mercenary, more than anything else, enhanced Mendor’s attentiveness. He could tell that Zax probably trod upon a sensitive issue, while keeping a straight countenance and not push for the matter in an indiscreet area. “Danus, take the man to the Work

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