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Harley - POV { Larissa} "I am not your mate," I hissed inwardly at the voice. "I will soon find out who you are and make you mine," Alpha Ren's voice appeared in my head. "Why not choose your lover, Abigail, to be your mate? I am already with someone. How about you reject me?" I responded, trying to reason and lie to survive and return home instead of staying in this weird parallel world. There was no response. Perhaps Alpha Ren was considering rejecting me. "You think I will let you go," Alpha Ren's words dripped with possessiveness and aggression. I jolted up from the queen-sized bed, wiping sweat from my forehead. Why did the situation always seem to take a different turn in the book I was reading? I couldn't say I liked it. As I peered out the window, the skyline was still dark, and the icy wind brushed against my skin, causing goosebumps. I noticed a figure moving in the garden and tried to catch a whiff to identify who it was. "Professor Reynold," I whispered as my shifter nose confirmed his identity. He approached my window, and his hazel eyes met mine with amusement. "Can't sleep?" he asked through the mind link. "Yeah, what about you? Why are sneaking around at night?" I asked with curiosity, and he smirked. "Went for a run and can't sleep. I had to dress behind a tree since Fae doesn't like nudity," he quipped. "Then I'll see you in the morning, Professor," I said, and he nodded, walking away towards the second wing of the castle. I pulled the drapes closed, crawled back into bed, try to get some rest, praying to the goddess that I wouldn't hear Alpha Ren's voice in my head again. "I can block the mind link," Stella replied. "Please do that for me, Stella. I would be grateful," I responded, still feeling sleepy. ***** I smoothed out the wrinkles in my dress and pulled my hair into a neat ponytail as I prepared for my first day with Professor Reynolds. Glancing at my wristwatch, I realized it was 9:00 a.m. The professor would likely arrive soon. My nerves kicked in, causing my cheeks to flush. I scolded myself for acting like a teenager, as I had dated average-looking men. But seeing someone as handsome as Reynold made it hard not to drool. Stella's voice interrupted my thoughts. "Pervert," she teased. I opened the door to let Reynold in. I was surprised to see how different he looked from the young, carefree guy I had seen the night before. He appeared severe and professional, adjusting his glasses before placing his books on the table. "Ms. Newt, first, we need to test your abilities," he said calmly. I nodded, feeling my heart race. Reynold's stern appearance made him even more attractive, but I quickly shook off the thought as Stella hissed at my remark. "Extend your hand and concentrate on your palm, thinking of water," he instructed. I raised my eyebrows but did as he asked. Soft energy ignited in my stomach as I focused on my palm. Suddenly, my palm felt drenched in water, and I fluttered my eyes open in surprise. Reynold studied me and my palm briefly before jotting something down in his journal. "Ms. Newt, you can heal any disease. Do you know that?" he asked. I declined, not knowing, even though I knew Larissa was a healer. "Those who possess the element of water are born to be exceptional healers, as water is a potent substance with healing properties," Reynold stated. "They are not only exceptional healers, but the top healers in the hierarchy. Those with forest power have mediocre healing abilities and cannot cure severe illnesses." I thought this information was crucial and asked, "What type of healing power do you have, Professor?" Ignoring my question, Reynold replied, "Let's start with the basics of magic and its application in treating simple ailments." After a tiring day of learning, I was about to nap when the housemaid summoned me to meet Princess Rachel. I couldn't refuse, so I followed her and found Rachel gazing at the fountain in the garden. "How was your first day?" Rachel asked as she turned to face me. "It was good," I replied softly. Rachel handed me a jewel box containing emerald-studded earrings and explained, "Wear these earrings, they will mask your scent and energy, and if you come across other mystical creatures, they will sense you as a human." Her words surprised me, and I wondered if I was in danger or if she had implanted a tracker on me. I asked, "What do you mean by mystical creatures? I can defend myself." Rachel replied, "I know you can, but she-wolf healers like you attract too much attention from these creatures. They will do anything to have you by their side, and I cannot risk the safety of my people or business." I nodded and wore the earrings, and Rachel smiled, pleased with my compliance. As she left, I felt unsure of whom to trust. I didn't want to spend my time cooped up in the castle, so I took a solitary walk after dinner. The guards allowed me to leave the castle, and I found the streets bustling with hawkers selling warm food to diners. "I bumped into someone," I thought, wincing as I tried to steady myself. "Watch where you are going, woman," a sharp voice said with annoyance. "Alpha Ren Hobart," I screamed inwardly in shock, looking up to see the man in question. His brown eyes bore into mine, his sharp jaw clenched, and his wavy brown hair tousled. He crushed me against his rock-solid chest, and I gulped, feeling a flutter of excitement and fear. Luckily I was in my hoody and covered my face with a mask. In the books, descriptions of Alpha Ren's handsomeness fell short - he looked like a demigod before me. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I tried to reconcile my mate's appearance with the terror of being killed by a man who looked like Hercules. "I'm sorry," I whispered, pulling away from him. "Alpha Ren, the scent of the woman you gave us to track ended at that phone booth," a booming voice said, and I noticed Beta Owen's voice from the corner of my eye. "How often do I tell you not to speak such things loudly in public?" Alpha Ren scowled at Beta Owen and scratched the back of his head with a sheepish grin as he apologized. "f**k, we're in trouble. How did Alpha Ren discover my scent and almost track me down?" I cursed inwardly. "Thanks to Rachel, our energy is masked," Stella said with relief. "You didn't want to separate from Alpha Ren earlier, and now you're okay to hide from him?" I asked Stella. "Later, I understood your ways are different, but the course of direction has been changed, and I think we can survive," Stella added. "Abigail Firefall is not the only villain we have to worry about; there is more, and I don't recall, but something altered my memories as soon as I connected with you." "s**t! I need to stay locked in the castle," I hissed. I continued walking in the human vicinity, keeping track of Alpha Ren's scent until he disappeared into the woods. I walked back to the castle, and a tap on the shoulder startled me.
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