Rogue she-wolf

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Harley POV - { Larissa} "We can't outrun him like this," Stella said, gasping for breath during our first shift. It took a tremendous amount of energy and exhausted our bodies. I could feel my energy draining away, but the black wolf was only getting closer. I prayed to the moon goddess to help me escape this Pack and survive this cruel world. Before, the black wolf pinned me down with his massive claw. Something blocked his path and sent him away flying. "What the f**k just happened?" I asked Stella as we reached the edge of the pack's territory. "I used a magic blast, but we need to keep moving," Stella replied weakly. "I can't run much longer. We need to hide in the human world." Stella said. As we crossed the border and ran into the woods, I felt relieved that the black wolf couldn't follow us. However, I knew we couldn't let our guard down. We stopped to catch our breath, and I returned to my human form. The poison side effects kicked in, and I felt dizzy and weak. Suddenly, a young woman appeared out of nowhere and asked, "What exactly is she-wolf doing here?" I was startled by her presence and didn't know how to respond. "I'm taking a stroll in the forest," I blurted out, sounding nonchalant. "You're not a good liar," the woman said, eyeing me suspiciously. "What do you want from me? Get moving already!" I barked, trying to assert myself despite my weakened state. "I am Fae Princess Rachel," the woman said calmly. "You are a rogue wolf, and seeing you in this state confirms it." I hesitated for a moment, wondering if I could trust her. "What do you want from me, and why are you wandering in the forest?" "I am looking for the herb in the forest and found you; I need a she-wolf's help to run a magical clinic in the human realm for mystical creatures. I can offer you shelter and money," but her words sounded strange and unbelievable. I couldn't help but chuckle at her offer. "I am not a stray puppy. You want to adopt women. Whoever you are, please leave," I hissed at her. "Fine, it's your loss. "Take my card in case you need help," Fae princess said smoothly as she pulled a card from her small wallet. I didn't accept it, so she dropped it on the ground, took off her jacket, and gave it to me. "If you go to the human world naked, it won't look good. Take this jacket." I took it with shaky hands due to the side effects of the poison I had taken earlier. Fae Princess noticed my condition but said nothing, leaving me gawking at the woman's retreating frame. I wore the oversized jacket, which reached my knees, and zipped it up. I crouched to pick up the card and saw a road. There was a small town nearby, and as I walked, people stared at me with disgust because of the dirt on my legs and my disheveled hair. Some looked at me with pity. I had no money, place to clean myself, clothes, or food. I asked people for help, some offered me spare change, and I bought the cheapest food. Thanks to Stella's powers, the side effects of the poison dissipated. I tried to find jobs in the town, but either there weren't any available, or they didn't want to hire me because of my situation. I looked at the card in my hand and thought about calling the stranger whose number was on it. "Stella, what should we do?" I asked her. "Do we have the option to flee as you asked? I followed your command, and now we are the rogue wolf?" Stella said with irritation. I sighed. I wasn't thinking straight, and my instincts told me to flee, which I did. I didn't regret that decision because it was better to run away from a place where everything was just suffering. However, now I needed help to start something new. I twirled the card between my thumbs and sighed. I decided to call the stranger on the card instead of sitting on the street, facing lewd comments and offers for money in exchange for s****l favors. I stepped into a phone booth and dialed the number. "Hello," a sharp, authoritative voice came from the other end of the line. "Hmm... Rachel," I replied. "Yes. Who is this?" Fae Princess Rachel asked. "The rogue wolf you met in the forest," I added, biting my lips anxiously. "Oh, you called quickly. I thought you wouldn't," Rachel's sarcasm irritated me, but I could not bite back. "So, you want a job?" she asked. "Yes," I whispered. "Then meet me at Blue Avenue 102, a short distance from the phone booth from which you are calling me." I looked around, wondering if she was spying on me. "Okay," I whispered, suppressing my curiosity. I walked around, asking people for directions, and finally, I saw an immaculate castle with tall iron gates and a beautiful green lawn with beautifully manicured gardens. I gulped; this woman was rich as hell. The guards' eyes and grimaces marred their faces. "Rogue wolf?" the guard inquired, confirming that he recognized my scent because he, too, was Fae. I nodded. I stepped onto the stone-cobbled path and saw the beautifully carved wooden door. The pillars engraved with flowers, the chandelier, and the white marble floor were all I could see when I stepped in. The stairs were carpeted in red with golden leaves. Rachel, wearing a beautiful gown like a princess, stared at me with her eyes. She snapped her fingers, and a servant walked in uniform and bowed her head to Rachel. "Give her a room, prepare her bath, and give her some clothes," Rachel ordered. As I strolled up the staircase, the attendant opened the guest room, which was entirely white and looked like royalty. I wondered what the queen-sized and king-sized rooms would look like, as the guest room had already made my jaw drop. After removing the only jacket on me, I soaked myself in warm water, and my sore body thanked me for the shower. After spending some time in the bath, I put on some essential oils and wrapped the towel around my frame. I saw a rack of clothes that looked brand new, and I picked a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and sneakers to wear something comfortable rather than fancy. "Ms., if you are ready, the princess would like to meet you in the garden," the attendant said from the other side of the door. "I will be there in two minutes." I brushed my curly blonde locks, put on some perfume, and opened the door to find the attendant still present. She walked me to Rachel, seated with a cup of tea, and gestured for me to take my seat. The attendant poured tea for me as Rachel's golden eyes looked at me. "What do you want me to do?" I asked. "I told you earlier that I needed She-Wolf to run a magical clinic for me," Rachel repeated. "I have no mastery of medicine. Actually, I don't have any qualifications," I muttered. "You speak like a human. Aren't you aware that we are mystical creatures gifted with healing powers, and we can train only those as doctors or nurses?" As she called me a human, I tried not to flinch. I couldn't raise her suspicions now; I needed a place to stay and food to eat until I figured it out. Rachel's eyes studied me as I looked up from my tea. "So, you sensed my healing power." Rachel nodded. "She-wolves and Faes are excellent doctors." I nodded. Could the change in the story have happened because I ran away from the Pack? In the book, Larissa doesn't leave the Pack at all. "What is your name? I can't call you a rogue wolf all the time." "Larissa Newt," I whispered. "We will train you to be the magical doctor, and he will be your teacher." A handsome man walked up, and as he stepped close, his gorgeous hazel eyes, chestnut curly hair, and tan skin unhinged me. As I could tell from his scent, this man was a wolf, too, not Fae. "You must be the new student Princess Rachel spoke to me about." I nodded. This guy could be in his twenties. "I am Reynold." He extended his sturdy hand. My heart fluttered as I placed my hand in his and gently squeezed it. "When do we start?" He raised an eyebrow at me. "I'm referring to the studies... healing magic." I stuttered. From the corner of my eye, I could see Rachel's amused gaze staring at us. I let go of his grasp. "Tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. I will be in your room," Reynold said with a charming smile. God, this guy had my hormones going crazy. He left as I took back my seat. "Are you not curious about my background?" I asked, taking a sip of my tea. "No, I don't care. My only concerns are my business, money, and kingdom," Rachel replied. I retreated to my room and attempted to get a good night's sleep, but my thoughts of missing my parents and home kept me awake. I must endure if I have to safely return home. "Mate", Ren's voice rang out in my head. "Where are you hiding?"
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