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Emma Nelson is the Luna of the Crimson Pack located in the Northeast. She's been the Luna for two years and is loved by everyone in the pack. At least she thought she was. Her mate and the Alpha has been deceiving her. His betrayal will bring choices that Emma doesn't know if she can handle. How can he betray their bond and not even be sorry. Will she suffer in silence or move on. With recent news he probably will never let her leave.

Xander Wolfe is the beta for the largest pack in the Northeast. His identical twin brother is his Alpha. He has been searching for his mate for three years. His brother has been helping him by sending him to different packs but he fears that he may never find her. His wolf is growing more and more outspoken about his need for the mate bond. Xander feels the same and refuses to take a chosen mate as suggested by his parents.

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1 Rude Awakening
*Bold words will signify the indicated POV is speaking* Emma POV I am Emma Nelson 23-year-old Luna of the Crimson Pack. I am 5'8' with long black hair. I have an hourglass shape, but I have never felt as pretty as my sister Mia is. My mate is Alpha Chase Nelson. We are from the same pack, and I have known him since we were teenagers. We found out we were fated mates on his eighteenth birthday. I was so happy he was my mate. We have been mated and marked for two years. He has always been good to me, and I love being the Luna of our pack. I have many friends and all the pack members are very kind to me. My sister Mia and I lost our parents as teenagers and Chase allowed her to move into the pack house when we mated. I am so lucky to have the wonderful mate I do. I know Chase is really wanting us to have a pup, but it hasn't happened yet. We have been trying for a while and it feels like it isn't going to ever happen. As wolves baring pups usually happens quickly when we are with our Moon Goddess given mate. I feel bad that I am disappointing him. Recently I haven't been feeling well and have been more fatigued. I have been experiencing pain at different times throughout the day. I didn't want to alarm anyone so the only person I told was my best friend, Sarah. I am at her cottage when the pain hits me again. I don't understand what's happening to me this is happening more frequently. "I think you really need to go see the pack doctor; it seems to be getting worse." I really don't want Chase to worry, and I know she will tell him if I go to see her. If it keeps happening, I promise I will make an appointment. Sarah hugs me and I head out of her cottage and back toward the pack house. When I get to the house the pain is strong again and I decide that I am going to lay down until dinner time. One of the omegas Chrystal sees me struggling and helps me to the stop of the stairs. I thank her and dismiss her then walk toward our room. As I get closer to the room my pain seems to be worsening. I can hear noises coming from our room and I am horrified at what I am about to find. I open the door to find my husband b*lls deep inside my sister, Mia. I am frozen they both look to the door and see me. I hear Chase tell Mia to leave and she smiles at me as she wraps the blanket around herself and closes the door. This can't be happening to me; how could he do this. He starts to speak but I can't even hear him I am in a fog. He yells at me and finally I am able to focus on his voice. "Emma look at me this is no big deal." Excuse me what the f**k do you mean you are f**king my sister. "Watch how you talk to me mate I have been very patient with you, but you haven't given me an heir and I need one." Are you kidding me right now so that gives you the right to f**k my sister, no way? "I can do anything I want I am the Alpha." You are supposed to be my mate. Do you know the pain you have been causing me making me think I am crazy or sick? "I feel bad about the pain but unfortunately it will happen." Are you saying you're going to continue being with her? "I think I just told you I need an heir; you will stay Luna and whichever one gets pregnant first will give me an heir." Are you out of your mind you think I will stay with you while you lay with another that is never going to happen? You two can have each other the mate bond be damned. I, Emma Nelson, Luna of the Crimson Pack reject as soon as I say the word a hand slams over my mouth and I am slammed against a wall. "You will never reject me you are still my mate and will always be my mate." "You are my mate, and she is my mistress and that is the way it will stay." "The pack will never know what I am doing you will raise any children whether she has them or you do." Do you understand me?" I can feel the tears run down my face as he removes his hand. I am looking into the eyes of a man that I don't know. This is not the man that swore to love me. After I compose myself, I go to leave the room he slams the door shut before I can open it all the way. "I want to hear you say you know your place Emma because if I find out any different you and your little friend Sarah will both come to a tragic end." My eyes snap to his and I can feel all the love I once had for him fade away in an instant. When he is done speaking about what he'll do to Sarah and me I open the door. I bow and walk out because I would never put Sarah at risk. "By the way honey tell your sister to come back so I can finish." I feel bile rise in my throat and I can't believe how my life has changed in just a few hours. I head down to find my sister waiting in the hall. I won't even look at her. She turns to me and says "you need to get better at sharing since he belongs to both of us now" she chuckles. I can't help myself I slam her against the wall. We are no longer sisters and all you will ever be is a bed warmer. Mom and dad would be so proud of you I say with all the disdain I can muster. I see hurt flash in her eyes, but I could care less she is nothing to me now. She pulls out of my grip and heads toward what was once my bedroom but is a place that now just makes me sick. As I start down the stairs, I can feel the pain as before the difference now is I know what it is that is destroying me. Again, Chrystal sees me and comes running. I wave her away and head out the front door back to Sarah's cottage.

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