Contractual Obligations- So Romantic

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I woke the next day with a headache. I looked over at the clock on the night table and realized it was already noon. I had never in my life slept in and I had important meetings in the office all day! I jumped out of bed and ran to take a shower and get ready as fast as possible.  I stood in the shower trying to figure out what happened yesterday. It was a blank and I was sore.   I was out in 10 minutes and put my damp hair in a messy bun. I walked into the closet and was deciding what to wear. I settled for a red summer dress that reached just under my knees and I quickly did some light makeup and was ready to head to the office.   Soon as I reached the kitchen, I saw him having what I assumed was a late breakfast/early lunch. I had been married to this man for the last three months but today was the first day I saw Greyson Novak sitting at the island in jeans and a t-shirt reading a file.   He looked up and finally noticed me. He looked at me from top to bottom and I felt uncomfortable under his gaze. I felt like he disapproved, and I had no idea why.   “Morning wife.”   I mumbled a reply, and he shook his head at me.   “Jane prepared breakfast, sit down and eat.” He ordered.   I felt like I was 8 all over again and Adonis would order me around. “I’m not a child Mr. Novak, so please do not speak to me like one.” I said while taking a seat across from him.   “We could argue that point, especially after last night.” He said in a bitter tone.   “What are you talking about?”   “You don’t remember getting completely and utterly drunk at a bar last night?”   “I…” It was starting to come back, and it wasn’t pretty. The fight I had with Adonis, the dirty bartender, all the tequila shots and the strange man. Oh god, I hope nothing happened with him. I know I’m in a marriage that has no love and a dull future, but I don’t want to be a cheater. I wanted to stay faithful to one person my entire life. I was just hoping nothing like that happened.     “Adonis called me after your fight yesterday, extremely upset. He couldn’t face you, so he asked me to check on you. I got back into the city and called Reese who told me your location. I think by the time I got there you had probably done 20 tequila shots. I tried to get you to go home but you wanted to dance…” He trailed off and the rest of my memory had come back.   “You were the one I was with last night?” No way. I could feel my cheeks heating up.   “Yes, who did you think it would be? Don’t forget you’re my wife and I won’t allow any other man to get close to you. Oh, and that bartender from last night is fired.” He spoke.   Why did this feel like such a big deal?   “You don’t even treat me like your wife! I’m a prisoner in your house. You can come and go as you please but me…I MUST stay here! What you and my brother like to call a controlled environment. What’s the point Grey, you don’t love me, and this was all done so my brother wouldn’t lose his company, and neither would I. Why would you fire that bar tender what did he do to you? I’m at legal age so I can drink, and he was just doing his job.” I rushed out.   “You Ileana are very naïve. You think that was a coincidence that you ended up at that bar? I own that whole block and that bar tender was giving you drinks all night because he thought he could get you drunk enough and take advantage of you!” He said through clenched teeth.   I sat there thinking about what I could say that, but my smart mouth had nothing. He was right, I didn’t know anything about this place, or the world in general thanks to my brother and Greyson.   “Also, I may have been a little busy with work but I’m home now so if you want, we can go upstairs to our bed and fix this problem of not feeling like my wife. I assure you I can make you feel things you haven’t before.” He replied.   He was smirking at me and I felt my face getting even hotter. Where the hell did that come from?   “No thank you Mr. Novak, I think I’ll take my leave. I have important things to do in the office today” I said standing up from my untouched food.   “You won’t be going anywhere today Ileana; I called and told your office you weren’t coming in.”   “Why would you do that?” I asked, now little angered, even a ragging.   “We are spending the day together.”   “I don’t think so, I’m going to the office.” I walked to the door and was about to grab my bag when I was spun around and pushed against the door. Grey slid one of his hands up my arm and to the back of my neck. I felt myself getting hot. His hand was like fire against my bare skin.      He was holding the back of my neck and he leaned forward and whispered into my ear, “You were calling me Grey last night honey, you better stick to it, I don’t want to hear Mr. Novak again, or you might be in more trouble than you can handle.”     He pulled his head back and looked me in the eyes. His eyes were this mesmerizing grey and I felt like I could star into them forever. He leaned forward and brushed his lips against mine and I felt frozen. Then he kissed me, and something came over me, I couldn’t control myself and I kissed him back. He nipped at my bottom lip for access and I denied, so he slid his other hand down to my back and squeezed my ass. I gasped and he invaded my mouth.     Finally, he let me breathe and I stood there catching my breath as he trailed kisses down my jaw and neck to my bare shoulder. During the kiss, my hand had ended up in his hair and I continued to tug at it.   I had never felt this way in my entire life. I had never been kissed like that- well actually I had never been kissed before except the peck on my lips at the wedding a few years back. It was as if I needed him to survive and every kiss was a lifeline.   He finally stopped and brought his head up and put his forehead against mine. My eyes were closed, and I was scared to open them. I struggled to breath.   I felt his hand slide to my back and pull me towards him until I was completely pressed against him. “You’re so god damn beautiful Ileana. I can’t wait for us to consummate this marriage and I know till be soon.” He whispered.   I opened my eyes and looked at him, he was staring down at me with this look in his eyes and I couldn’t tell what it was. But soon realization hit me, and I was shocked at what had happened. I pushed him back, I needed space to breathe and get my thought together, and so I went and sat on the sofa.   “You’re my wife its bound to happen sooner or later, you know.”   “No. Nothing will be happening. I may be forced to spend the rest of my life here in this place but that doesn’t mean I have to do anything. I may be naïve like you think but I know what I want, and I want my first time to be with someone I love and right now that isn’t you.”   “So, you want a magical fairytale where the prince sweeps you off your feet and its love at first sight. Wake up Ileana this is the real world; most people can barely handle staying with one person. No one comments too forever. We have it in writing so why waste time. You know we have to stay in this marriage so what do you expect to find a lover on the side? What about children? We will have children to carry on my family name. Having children will keep you busy too.” He angrily asked.   He had walked to the sofa in front of me and sat down.     “So, what do you expect from me Grey? Want me to what; grace your bed until your tired of me? And you’ll move on to other women? That will not be happening, not in this lifetime. I know all the rumors can’t be true, but I somehow believe in the ones that say you’re a player and sleep around with several women. Some even say you a different mistress in each city you visit.  I will stay faithful in this marriage, but I will not sleep with you.” I say equally as angry.   “You’re my WIFE Ileana and I expect you to fulfill all your duties, even in bed and I know I can make you change your mind, sweetheart.” He smirked. “Not everything the papers is true but believe what you want. All I know is that you’re mine. And if it comes to staying faithful to this marriage, well if my wife is doing her job, I don’t see a reason to stray.”   “Not happening.” I said through clenched teeth.   “What do you want Ileana, you do realize ‘until death do us part’ is a long time. You aren’t Ileana Lexington anymore, your Mrs. Ileana Christou-Novak, wife of Billionaire Greyson Christou-Novak. This world is different than the one you’ve been living in. Here people don’t fall in love like in fairytales and everyone has an ulterior motive. This is the real life that your brother has shaded you from, but now you’re a married woman and you need to realize that you have responsibilities.” Grey said, leaning forward.   “What responsibilities is that? To sleep with you when you want? Is that all I’m good for, because I thought marriage was about two people who love each other, who what to spend the rest of their lives together and build something beautiful, or at least be able to tolerate each other. Not two people who have been arranged to be married before their births in order to secure their family wealth.”   I couldn’t believe how hard this concept was for other to understand, especially for Grey and my brother.   “So, what do you exactly want?” He asked.   I thought about it for a moment, what did I really want?   “I told you, I want freedom.”   “And what do you want me to do what exactly?”   “I told you this before, love is out of the question. I’m married and that’s not going to change.”   “So?”   “I want you to let me live a separate life, back in London. We can stay married legally but no obligations towards each other. Give me the freedom that was taken away.”   “ARE YOU OUT- “Grey though about this for a moment, “Want about the contractual obligations? We are required to produce heirs,”   Ileana was stumped for a moment, children… they had to have children, kids with Grey a contractual obligation- so romantic.   After thinking about it she replied, “Well that can be taken care of in a clinic no need for my intimacy. When the time comes, I can return to New York and we can discuss it further.”     “No! No future children of mine will be made in a test tube. There aren’t any further discussions needed because you’re not going anywhere. Tell me what you want here.”   Ileana was frustrated. This man was driving her mad. “Freedom!! Can you give me freedom? My own Identity? Life where I can see my friends, not have to live in this concrete prison and truly live?”     “I feel trapped at all times, I need my OWN LIFE GREYSON! To truly live!”   But my outburst was only  met with silence.    
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