Another Kiss

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    Grey’s phone had started ringing and he walked away to answer it.   I stood there watching him walk away. He had left to answer his phone in the middle of our conversation. A man like Grey was used to getting his way, I guess as his wif4e that position wouldn’t change, now would it. Nor would the man understand my point of view. He had freedom of every aspect, how could he really understand what it meant to be bound down, having to spend your life with decisions made by the men that ran it.   I sighed, I needed a walk, some sunlight would do be good. I went to my room and changed into a matching grey sports bra and workout leggings. Grabbing my favorite hoodie and my sketchpad I made my way down the stairs and was about to leave when Mrs. Burton stopped me.   “Mrs. Novak where are you heading?” She asked.   “Mrs. Burton I’m going out.”   “I can see that Ma’am, but I where are you going exactly?” I knew she was asking so she could inform Grey, but I was not in the mood to play nice today.    “I believe I do not need to answer you, do I?” I snarked back at her.   “Ma’am- “   I held my hand up, “Mrs. Burton I have 4 bodyguards that follow me everywhere, I don’t need you asking questions on top of that.” I replied and turned to leave.   I had felt a bit guilty about how I had spoken to Mrs. Burton, but I couldn’t take it anymore.   I came out of the house to see Reese and Delia waiting by the car. They always seemed to know every move I’m about make before I do myself. I had been under their care since I was 14. They had ensured my safety, but I always thought they also let me escape, knowing I needed independence. Greys appointed bodyguards were not the same.   “Mrs. Novak where will we heading today?” Asked Reese.   “Nowhere that requires a car, I just want to go the park a few streets down, I don’t think you guys need to come with me.”   “Ma’am we do but we will keep out distance. Mr. Novak’s team prefers that we take vehicles to our destinations. But since we are just going to the park, Delia can stay here, and I will accompany you alone.” Reese replied.   I sighed again, it seemed to even receive some peace and quiet I would have to jump through Greyson’s hoops. “Okay, lets just get out of here.”     I just wanted to sit on some grass and sketch my heart out, well more like my feelings out.     We made it to the park in less than 5 minutes. I didn’t understand, we were in a residential area, a neighborhood full of wealthy people, why couldn’t I roam around here freely? I would never understand any of this.   The weather was perfect. It was hot sunny day, but there was also a slight cool breeze blowing. I found a spot by the pond and sat by the big oak tree pulling open my sketchbook, ready to be inspired, but nothing came to mind. My thoughts kept drifting towards Greyson. He had seemed so different this visit. It was the first time I had had a real conversation with him instead of the usual casual pass by remarks. He was a handsome man, he had to be well over 6 feet, right? His height definitely made him more intimidating. He was domineering, arrogant, and tyrannical…. Weren’t all those the same thing? Those grey eyes… they felt like they could stare into my soul and now my darkest secrets. His voice had this roughness that made it…sexy, that was the word. He was built big, he had muscles everywhere, I was positive he was created in a lab. How could someone look like a Greek god? I shook my head, trying to clear it. No, that man was way to handsome for some one like me and my thoughts shouldn’t have drifted there any way.   I looked down to see I had sketched HIM. While I thought of Grey, I had ended up making a sketch the man. He was handsome and was it wrong to be attracted to your husband. No right? I did kiss him so attraction was obvious, but it couldn’t go past that. He wasn’t the right man for me. Right? I needed to snap myself out of these thoughts and I knew exactly where that could happen. I need to go visit my children. They would inspire me, help clear my mind and put things back in perspective.   “Reese!” I called out as I dusted off my legging.   He jogged towards me, “Yes ma’am?”   “We are going to go visit the children.”   I saw a smile appear on his face, “Yes Ms.”     “Mrs. Burton!” I yelled out. I couldn’t find her anywhere. I had looked in her room, in the study she used as her office and the library. Where was she? I had checked the backyard as well, no sign of her. I had come back to the living room once I finished my phone call, but Ileana was gone. I wanted to finish our conversation to make her realize that she could have everything she wanted. I had though staying away was the right thing all these years. I had been forced into this marriage as much as she had but I knew once we had time to adjust, we could be a strong couple. The one mistake I made was leaving her here alone, I should have visited more often.   “Mrs. Burton!” I called out again.   I heard her footstep rushing towards me, “Mr. Novak, I’m sorry sir I was readying your study for your stay.   “Where is my wife?”   “I don’t know sir.” She answered a little too curtly for my liking.   “Excuse me?”   “I don’t know where she is. She left a few hours ago and wouldn’t tell me where she was going, even though I asked her repeatedly. She told me it was none of my business sir. Even cut me off as I was about to tell her I needed to know.” She said, accusingly.   “Mrs. Burton a simple yes or no would have sufficed. Illeana is my wife and I do not like tone your using while speaking of her.”   “I apologize-   I walked away before she could finish her sentence. I needed to find my wife right now. I pulled out my cell and called Marcus, one of Ileana’s bodyguards.   “Marcus, where is my wife?”   “She’s gone to the park nearby sir”   “Are you with her?”   “No sir, it’s a safe space and we’ve surveilled it numerous times, she’s there with Reese.”   I ended the call. I knew I needed to give her space, but I also wanted to see her. We need to finish our conversation, and I didn’t want to wait. With that thought I decided I would go to her, I could use some fresh air myself.     Ileana wasn’t here! My guards had looked everywhere, nor Ileana or Reese were here. Neither of them were picking up their phone. I was furious. Where the hell was she?   “Find my wife!” I yelled out at the men. She better not be in trouble.   Marcus walked up to me a few minutes later, “Sir, we traced her phone.”   “Where is she?”   “Her phone shows her at the N.C. General Hospital.”   “Let’s go.” It was worse, my wife could be hurt. The entire drive I kept thinking about the state I would find her in. If anything happened to her I would never forgive myself and I would destroy the person who caused her pain. What would I tell Adonis? I couldn’t protect his little sister like I had vowed to do. I needed to make sure she was okay.   I got out of the car and followed Marcus into the building. He had found out which room she was placed in. My mind had gone down a pretty dark road and I had prepared myself for the worse but was not ready for what I saw when I entered the room. In the middle of the room Illeana and 15 or so children were pillow fighting Reese. She was laughing uncontrollably as her bodyguard was being beaten by little children. It took him a moment to realize she was actually alright. Ileana wasn’t hurt. She was here having fun. This was the first time he had seen her laugh so openly and truly. The only time he had seen her this happy was in a picture his parents had shown him before their wedding. He would change that, hearing Ileana laugh like that was music to his ears and he wanted more of it. He want to be the reason the gorgeous woman would laugh like that. Looking at her now she was the most beautiful woman he had every seen. She wasn’t skinny but she was curvy in all the right places. She wasn’t very tall either, maybe 5 feet with a few inches. Her hair wad almost a black but not quiet and her eyes were hazel with flecks of green. It was her personality, her aura that made her so unique. It helped that she had this fire inside her and he knew he was going to be the one to release it.   He stepped into the room and cleared his throat       I couldn’t stop laughing. My little monsters were attacking Reese, the big scary bodyguard. Then I felt a presence and heard someone throat clear. My head snapped up to see Greyson standing by the door.   My manners flew out the window as I ask, “What are you doing here?” He stalked towards me and I leaned back a bit nervous. Instead of replying to me he grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door without stopping. Pulling behind him until we entered an empty room. He turn around and pulled me into him. He bent his head and kissed me, hard. I couldn’t think, I felt this haze as I gave into the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck, wanting him close as possible to me. The kiss had started off tentative and exploded. He coaxed me into opening for him and he deepened the kiss further.   Ileana couldn’t think, she felt this need, this raw hunger for more and pressed herself against Grey. She could feel his had on her back, underneath her hoodie creating heat and making her shiver at the same time.   Then there was a sound, a bang and snapped her out of her trance. Pulling away from Grey she looked around and saw she was in an empty hospital room. I couldn’t believe I had done that again. I had kissed the man again! But this kiss was different, almost bruising.   “Ilean-     “Why did you do that?” I asked, interrupting him.   “I called you, why didn’t you answer your phone?”   “I was busy with the kid- oh no the kids, I left them alone with Reese, they are going to gang up on him.” I said turning to leave the room.   “Wait, Reese can take care of himself, I need to talk to you.”   “No, this is my time with the kids, and I can’t waste it fighting with you.” I said as I walked towards the door.   “I don’t think you call what we were doing fighting.”   I looked over my shoulder to see him following me and smiling. My face was heating up, I just hoped it wasn’t evident to him. “Ileana we need to talk.”   “No.” I replied.   “Now Ileana, you don’t want me to drag you out again do you?”   I sighed, “Fine let me say bye to the kids and let them know when I’ll be back.” She knew there was no way out, the man out his way as always.   Walking back into the room, Ileana rescued Reese and two other bodyguards that joined the torture the kids were providing.   “Okay guys I’ll be back next week with a surprise for you all!”   “Lia, is that your boyfriend?” Little Sarah asked.   I bent down and was about to answer her when I heard grey right behind me, “I’m Lia’s Husband Greyson and you are?”   “I’m Sarah, I’m four years old.” She replied, holding up four fingers.    “It nice to meet you Sarah.” He said bending down and shaking her little hand. I could feel my heart melt a bit.   “Will you play with me?” Sarah asked, holding onto his hand.   “Lia and I have to go somewhere but I will come back next week with her and play with you as much as you want.”   “Promise?” “I promise.”   “Okay, bye Lia, bye Greysom.”   Grey put his hand on my back and lead me out of the room. I had this feeling I didn’t know him as well I thought I did. There were layers to be uncovered. Maybe he wasn’t as big of a jerk she thought he was? How could she figure out the truth? How could she understand him and her attraction towards him better?   All she could think of was her mother’s words that had always held her back. She had watched her mother fall apart because she loved a man that couldn't love her back, yet she had chosen that future for her daughter as well. Always saying the same thing.    ‘Solace in a life of solitude, Ileana. That’s what powerful men give you. Comfort but in isolation.’ 
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