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Hello, welcome to Clara and Jake's story. This is book three of the Silver. Day wolves and it is a standalone. You've read the blurb so you have an overview of the plot. It's a popular trope on here. People like this trope but it's fine if you don't. I can't force you to but please don't be rude. The order in which the books are written: Alpha. Brother. Mate(Remi. Dylan) Beta. Reaper (Kelly. Grey) Omega. Playboy (Clara. Jake) Rogue. Beta (Mason. Indie) Etc... They are all standalones and you're free to read them in whatever order you please. Also, this book is rated 16+ as there will be crude/ vulgar language, mild violence and the occasional s*x scenes. Nothing graphic, I promise.  I'll like it to be known that I have published this book ONLY on Dreame. If you find it on any other platform then it has been stolen so please let me know! Leave a comment and share with your friends if you like. Thanks.
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