A Proposal And A New Life

1148 Words

Layla. Layla you are so beautiful and by you being with me makes me even stronger, you don't know how blessed I feel to have you as my mate will you marry me my love. What he said knocked the air out of my lungs, made my heart to stop beating and my eyes to tear up all at the same time. [Calista] What are you waiting for girl say yes. [Layla] Am I even ready for marriage. [Calista] Don't think about marriage think about how Damien makes you feel. [Layla] I love him, he cares so much for me and the baby. He makes. me feel comfortable and loved like I always wanted. [Calista] Then it's a no brainier. Calista is right I do want to be with Damien he makes me feel happy and above all safe. [Layla] Damien I would love to marry you. In one quick movement Damien got up for the cha

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