What Have I Done

1420 Words

John Today is the day of the Peace Celebration to celebrate the years of peace, not only our allies but no rogue attacks as well. Usually before the celebration beings myself, Derek Luke I would all hang out. I met up with Derek in the game room at the pack house however Luke didn't show up yet and normally he gets here before me. [Derek] Where is Luke [John] Luke said he wasn't coming, something about a birthday party [Derek] You are just now telling me this and who's a birthday party. Derek mindlink Luke to see where he was, after Derek's conversation with Luke...... Derek said Luke wasn't coming and he would meet up with us later. At 5 o'clock me and Derek went to the gate to greet our guest. It was full of different pack members and finally, the Alpha's, Luna's, Betas, and Gam

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