The Peace Celebration/ My Birthday

2380 Words
Layla I wake up feeling refreshed, I'm so excited today because Carmen, finally finished my birthday dress so today I get to try it on. I hope I will like it because she has a habit of overdoing things sometimes. Getting up out of bed I got cleaned up and put on a pair of tight jeans, and a crop top that I bought with the little money that I had. I decided to keep my hair out today, it's been so long that I didn't realize how long it grew down to my lower back. Once finished I went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast; to my surprise, John was there drinking a bottle of water. I never felt comfortable around him because he was always looking at me weirdly like he wanted to devour me. John didn't notice me until I opened the refrigerator; while I was collecting food for breakfast John approached me making his signature devilish smile. [John] Good morning Layla, I hope you slept well. [Layla] Good morning Beta John, I slept well thank you. [John] Are you gonna ask me about how I slept, that's not very nice of you beautiful. [Layla] Sorry Beta John, how did you sleep [John] That's better; I slept very well thank you, the best part about my dream was you were in it, and guess what happened. [Layla] I'm not sure Beta John [John] You came into my room with only an oversized t-shirt then you approached my bed once you got to the end of my bed I pulled you down put you on your back then climbed on top of you. I wanted to taste you and to my surprise, you didn't have any panties on. I devoured your p***y and you were screaming my name then you asked me to take your virginity. [Layla] Please Beta John stop your hurting me. As Beta John, said good morning he was approaching me and he started to play with my hair. After he asked me to guess what he was dreaming about he grabbed my arm so I could not move then he whispered into my ear everything he dreamed about. I asked him to let go of my arm because he was hurting me but he would not let go. I begged him to stop and that's when Derek, stepped into the kitchen with the loudest roar that made the house shake. With one quick motion, Derek had John in the air pinned up against the refrigerator. Still having food in my hands I jumped back because of fright that I wound up dropping all the food I was scared and frozen in my spot I didn't know what to do. Derek told John that if he ever saw or heard about him hurting me again he would kill him. After his speech, Derek through John across the kitchen making him land on the table and breaking it. I was in shock and when Derek looked my way I dropped to the floor to pick up the food. As I was placing the falling food onto the counter Derek was right in front of me. He reached out to cup my left cheek and "asked me if I was okay". It was hard to get my words out, and with my heavy breathing, it didn't help. Derek traced his thumb on my bottom lip Layla please say something he said, I told him that I was okay now thank you. Once his hand left my face I felt cold I was missing his touch already, what was happening to me I never felt this way before about anyone let alone him. I was snapped out of my thoughts when he told me to get back to work, his mood changed so quickly from seeming loving to rough, that I did not know what to think about him anymore. After breakfast was over and I finished the laundry I headed to Carmen's house to try on the dress. I rang the doorbell and Luke answered the door. [Layla] Good afternoon Gamma Luke [Luke] Hello Layla, Carmen has not gotten back yet from the tailor shop but she should be here soon in the meantime you can wait here for her if you want [Layla] Thank you Luke and I don't mind waiting Luke let me in the house and offered me some tea; we seat in the living room waiting. Luke was always quiet but he was nice to me. [Luke] Are you excited about your birthday tomorrow and are you doing anything [Layla] Not really and as for doing anything I have no plans, since everyone doesn't know it's my birthday I'm working I got used to not doing anything for my birthday besides the little party here that your family has for me. Also with the peace celebration that party overshadows mine. [Luke] I'm sorry about that but maybe I could take you out for your birthday. I was shocked to hear that Luke wanted to take me out but before I could answer his question, Carmen, came through the front door screaming with excitement ran to me pulled me off the couch, and dragged me up the stairs to her room. Once inside her room, she took out my dress from under a protective clothing wrap. She handed me the dress and told me to put it on so she could see if it would need any adjustments. The dress was knee length with spaghetti string and a heart-shaped cut around the cleavage area and it hugged my curve nicely also it was a beautiful shadow of teal with matched my eye colors. After I was finished putting on the dress I left the bathroom and Carmen, attacked me going straight to work with adjustments. I told her I was a little tight around the breast around but of course, she didn't think so because my breast was lifted just right. Anyway, there wasn't much work she needed to do with the dress, so I went to take it off and handed it back to her. [Carmen] I need to take this dress back to the shop so it will be ready for tomorrow night [Layla] Alright, I have to go back to the pack house anyway, I have to make sure the food list for tomorrow is complete and go over the new meal plans. Also, Luna Sophie wants to try out all the meals for tomorrow. [Carmen] What a b***h, why would she have you and the others cook and make things now just for her to try? The whole pack knows your cooking is amazing. Anyway,y, after the food is set up tomorrow come straight here so I can do your hair and makeup, you will look hot for your mate. The Next Day I started my morning the same waking up and rushing to get breakfast ready. Breakfast was simple today because I had a long day ahead of me; making sure all the food will be ready for tonight. While I was washing dishes decided to prepare the soup for the night, it was a stew beef soup with onions, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, and potatoes. After all the dish was finished and the kitchen was clean I went to wash the laundry, the stew was still cooking which still was gonna take 45 minutes to finish which gave me enough time in the laundry room. I handed the laundry to the maids and went to the kitchen where Summer was and she was already cutting up the ingredients. I was proud of the new menu myself and Summer worked on and Luna Sophie didn't have any objections. the menu for adults was appetizer samosa, samosa chaat, light clam chowder soup, mixed fruit, and salad. The entre was stew beef, salmon with Asian noodles, a variety of such, and a Buddha bowl that consisted of rice, shredded cabbage, carrots, mashed sweet potatoes, and peppers with soy sauce. The menu for the pups was appetizer chicken sliders, cheesy bread sticks, fried pickles, and chicken tenders. The entre was homemade pizza, hamburger and hotdogs, french fries, spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. The dessert was the best part consisting of a layer of strawberry cake with chocolate frosting and fresh strawberries on top, chocolate lava cake, cupcakes, homemade cinnamon rolls, banana pudding, cheesecake, and a variety of cookies. Once everyone was finished I was so tired but I still needed to help set up the table outside in the back of the pack house to line up the food. It was 15 minutes past 4 when we finished so I went to Carmen's house straight away and once I got there she tried to rush me to get ready but that was not gonna happen, she told me to take a shower which I did and after I moisturized myself I didn't in bed and took a power nap. I was roughly waking up out of my sleep by Carmen screaming at me saying it was already past six and I needed to get up. I quickly put on the lovely dress with Carmen's help after she seat me down in front of her vanity for my hair and makeup. She pinned my hair up with just 2 loose strands of hair on the side of my face to make my eyes pop and to show off all my curves and the skin that was showing. Next, I told her to keep the makeup light so she just applied light lip gloss that looks natural to my actual lips and some eye shadow. It was after 7 at night once she was finished with me and I knew that our allies had already arrived. Carmen went downstairs to give me a little privacy before I had to go out so I took this time to look myself over and I looked amazing. I went downstairs and to my surprise, the Gamma family threw me a mini birthday party I was so busy that I completely forgot about my birthday. Thank you, everyone I love it, they even made me a cake. I was surprised that Luke was here normally he would be off with Derek and John. We ate a piece of cake then we got up to leave for the celebration. Before I could leave out the door he stopped me you look very beautiful tonight Layla I hope you have a special night he said, I told him I would try. Carmen, stayed by my side during the celebration until she started acting weird. We saw the Demon Wolf and the Moon Goddess Pack and she said that her wolf was going crazy saying her mate was here so she wanted to know if one of the pack members might be her mate. I walked off to let Carmen do her thing and made my way up to the lake to stare at the Moon. I was lost in my thoughts like always whenever I was looking at the night sky when I got amind email from Carmen asking where was I. I went back to the celebration when I caught Carmen with a man. She introduced me to him saying, "that this was her mate and his name was Rick the Beta of the Moon Goddess Pack". I said my greetings and left them in peace. I looked at my surroundings noticing how beautiful it was here however many of the pack members didn't care for me or even gave me a hard time, questioning if I wanted to stay there or just move on where I would feel wanted by everyone. Feeling exhausted again I started heading back to the pack house so I could just go to sleep but then I started to smell something sweet the smell of sandalwood and honey was in the air. I followed the smell leading to the pack house the kitchen and up the stairs leading to the Alpha office. Once I was in front of the office door it swung open and Derek pulled me inside his office. He pushed me up against the wall capturing my lips with his. He had my hands pinned to the wall above my head while he deepened the kiss. As he kept kissing me he started to run his hands over my body, then he kiss down to my neck where my mating spot was and he lick, suck, and lightly bit me causing me to moan out his name. His hand cupped my right breast playing with my already hard n****e then his hand went down further toward my inner thigh. He slowly went under my dress then he ripped off my soaked panties and before I could realize what he was doing he let go of my hands and lifted me, wrapping my legs around his waist. Then he took out his swollen d**k from his pants and lined it up with my virgin p***y. He rammed hard inside me not letting me adjust to his size, at first it hurt but then it felt a lot better. He thrust hard inside me going in and out it felt so good, next he led us to the couch and lay me down while he snaked up towards me with a hungry look in his eyes. He licked his lips and attached his lips to my p***y devouring every bit of me. I was a moaning mess and I felt a burning sensation building up inside of me that needed to erupt but then he stopped as he climbed on top of me he put his throbbing d**k back inside me and used his thumb to rub my c**t and that motion had me boiling over the edge. I told him I was coming and just like that we both came feeling weak and out of breath. Derek quickly got off of me and started to pace back and forth in the office, I didn't know what was going on but I knew Alpha Derek was my mate. After pacing he looked at me and said the worst thing that you could say to your mate. My mate, my Alpha rejected me.
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