Where Am I Going

1241 Words

Layla The two men ran towards me to grab me but the force of the wind sent them flying. While some were trying to cover themselves from the strong wind and others were screaming I took this opportunity to shift into Calista and ran far away from this pack. Where did all this power come from and why me? [Calista] Maybe all the pain and hurt you were feeling awakened powers that you never knew you had. [Layla] But after all this time why now? [Calista] You just turned 18 so maybe it has something to do with that. [Layla] I need to find some answers and so, first my abilities, and next my parents and old pack. Feeling my head start to hurt from someone trying to mind link me, it has to be Carmen "I'm just not in the mood to talk". Finally reaching the pack borders I had a decision to

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