Chapter 39: I Can't Let Her Go

2107 Words

Chapter thirty-nine: I Can't Let Her Go Alpha Axel "I will leave then." I said as I left to answer the Elders. I knew why the Elders requested to see me and I could choose not to honor it but I had to go because I can't avoid this for long even if I didn't answer to anyone this still concerned them because I was talking about getting engaged to Sophia and possibly getting married to her in the future. I headed to the royal hall where the Elders and Kari were waiting for me. They bowed when I walked in and I sat on the throne. After they gave their greetings to me the ple came. "Your Highness, I beg that our words may not offend you but this is for the safety of our Pack." The Elder beside me said. He was the oldest and the one that had power above all of them. I listened to most of

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