Chapter 40: She Is Special To Me

2078 Words

Chapter forty: She Is Special To Me

Alpha Axel

"But why Axel, is she that special?" Kari asked.

I knew Kari was frustrated by what happened but still I didn't even need to think to answer his question.

"Yes, she is. I have listened to everything that you said but I can't listen again nor accept your words this time. I just can't let her go." I replied as I turned my back towards him.

"Did she bewitched you?" He asked.

"Do you believe in such nonsense?" I asked as I rolled my eyes at him.

"I don't but….."

"Then you should trust me." I took a deep breath and turned back to face him.

"I have been with her for a while now and she makes me happy, Kari. That feeling that I thought had left me, she brought it back and I can't let her go. I will be hurting myself in the process." I murmured the last part.


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