Chapter 36: She Cannot Be Harm

2084 Words

Chapter thirty-six: She Cannot Be Harm Alpha Kiba Pov When we arrived at Alpha Axel's Pack, I couldn't help but feel excited at how the event would turn out. I was informed that Alpha Axel had taken a liking to a slave and even made her a maid and got me interested as to why Alpha Axel would do such a thing. I knew him as a ruthless man but now what I was hearing didn't match the man I once knew. Did he change because of her? A slave? That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I was just finding a way to provoke him but still he hasn't done anything but remained calm and ignored my existence and it infuriated me more than he thought. Was I not worthy to be acknowledged by him? Did he look down on me that much? Alpha Axel found my late father worthy of crossing swords with h

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