Chapter 37: Will You Marry Me?

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Chapter thirty-seven: Will You Marry Me? Sophia I was so happy earlier because I would be meeting four Alphas at that same time and it felt like an honor to me. I would have imagined that such a day would come. I admired our Alpha for his dedication to the Pack, he was always working at his best to do what is best for his people and his Pack. Getting to meet other Alphas was like a dream come through for me. But now, all the happiness and excitement I felt earlier being in front of the Alphas was crushed the moment the matter about my purple eyes was brought up. What in goodness name did I do to that Alpha for him to take notice of me? Fear was an understatement to what I was feeling right now. I was so frightened that I was afraid to move, I felt as if I was struck by lightning. My bo

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