Chapter 5: Meeting Alpha Axel

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Talia looked at Lucy and then smiled again. Lucy was just being rude even though she is angry, it wasn't right for her to transfer the aggression to Talia. Besides it wasn't her fault that we are slaves. "With this behavior of yours,you will get yourself in big trouble that might lead to death Lucy, you should have at least allowed me to finish my sentence," Talia replied, still smiling. Her smile didn't leave her face and one could easily notice that she was trying her best to be friendly with us but Lucy didn't want to accept it. Although, all of us needed an explanation of what Bella said earlier but the way Lucy was going about it is totally wrong. "I was going to explain everything in detail to you people but you rudely interrupted me. You all were brought here to serve Alpha Axel." Talia said. Immediately, confusion and the fear of the unknown was written all over our faces. What does she mean by serving an Alpha? Slaves are not supposed to be seen anywhere near the Alpha and that is the fact known to everyone. Then what was Talia talking about? "Before you people jump into conclusion, allow me to finish first," she added as she saw the look on our faces. I was very scared at this point. "How is it possible for slaves to serve the Alpha?" Tina asked out of curiosity. All my life I have never heard of slave serving the Alpha of a Pack. I thought there is a law that slaves are not to see the Alpha's. Anyone seen near them, is either the person will be killed or be torture in an unthinkable ways. So then, what was Talia trying to insinuate? "Please allow me to finish my explanation, you all will be trained for seven days on how to behave like the real maids in the sight of the Alpha, you will be serving me food and as well as other errands for…." "Other errands like what?" Lucy again cut her off rudely. "You don't always let me finish before interrupting me, let me remind you, I have the authority to punish you so you better watch how to speak to me." Talia warned with a hard voice but still firm. Talia didn't like being talking to in such rudely manner but Lucy bother and she was acting as if she wasn't one of the slaves. From the way she was speaking, I think she has never worked before. Maybe that's the reason she randomly asks questions without letting Talia finish. "From my experience so far, the Alpha never had a mistress or bedmates….I know it's hard for you people to believe but that's actually the truth and I can't lie about it." Talia said. Anyway, believing her would be so hard and difficult because slaves don't always trust their masters. "Why don't you want to tell us the truth that the Alpha to take pleasure in torturing us," Lucy scoffed. Torturing? That word alone makes my whole body shiver. In all my years of slavery, I have never actually been tortured, all I received was punishment and no matter how painful it seems I knew it is far better than being tortured. "I can see that you refused to learn and I think I should try another method," Talia said as she stood up. She walked towards the guards that were standing at the entrance where we eat, she talked to them and turned towards our direction then the guards followed her back to where we are sitting. Immediately, Lucy knew that she had gotten herself in a mess. "There she is", Talia pointing at Lucy and the guards move towards her, Lucy stood up immediately in fear. "Please am very sorry, I made a mistake, I promise I won't interrupt you anymore", she begged but the guards held her by her hand. "I warned you but you didn't listen," Talia replied sternly. "I am very sorry", Lucy pleaded. "That's alright, you can free her now... thanks for your help," she said to the guards that held Lucy and they freed her. "Let us know if she disturbs you again", one of the guards as they move back to the position. "You can have your seat now," Talia commanded Lucy as she quietly sat down. She didn't need to be told twice before she could do that. I thought she wasn't scared of anyone and her mouth was running as if she owns this Pack or she is the Alpha's wife. "Like I was saying, the Alpha of this Pack is not a man to be joke with, you should always trade with caution whenever you are serving and always be guided. You don't utter a word if he didn't say so because that had gotten a lot of people killed," Talia said as she stared at Lucy. It was as if she was directly refreshing to Lucy. "Again, don't try to provoke him because that is instant death. You all must have heard a lot about him," she said as was boosting about him. I wonder what type of Alpha he is? "He is known as one of the strongest and mighty Alpha so I will advise you people to be very careful when you are around him. I would not like it if anything would happen to any of you. Talia said with sincerity written all over her face. "I am going to teach you all how you how to behave whenever you are around him and carry out your duties properly. She added. "The set of slaves that were brought here before us, what happened to them?" Grace asked in curiosity. "They were all killed," Talia replied without hesitation and Grace gasped. All dead? What does she mean by that and what caused their death? Talia just scared me more and more by the look on her face. She was really serious about all of them being dead. I looked at everyone sitting around the table, they were all looking pale and terrified. No matter the suffering, nobody wants to die, we all believe that one day we will be free from slavery. "Honestly, I was actually wondering what had happened to them since we haven't seen any of them here yet. Tina said, snapping me out of my deep thoughts. The table was silent for a while. "Three of the slaves were spies and I really don't know how the enemy did it but they were caught and the Alpha ordered for their execution. The rest of the slaves I can't remember what happened to them," Talia explained. Secret agents in the Pack, I never knew that Alpha's life could also be in danger, I thought it was only slaves that can be killed not the Alpha. I think this Pack is quite different. So basically, now we are the escape goats for the real maids of this Pack because that's the only conclusion I can draw from all this. Does the Alpha aware that he is being served by slaves? Maybe he knows. If being served by slaves doesn't bother him, what type of man could he be. He doesn't mind whether we are dirty and wear rags. Maybe this Alpha wasn't like the rest of them that treated us like animals in place of humans. What am I even saying when I heard that this Alpha is cruel, I guess he tortured the slaves and kill them because no one would questioned his decision because he was a respected man and they consider slaves insignificant. Who would ever care about slaves. "Let's start with your training for today," Talia said as she once again snapped me out of my thoughts. Let me probably pay extra attention in order not to fall victim on the first day. *Training start* The first thing she taught us was the basis of cleaning a room properly and other objects and everywhere needs to be sparkling clean. I guess the rooms should be spotless as ever and the only dirt one could found should be us the slaves. Even though we look clean now yet the real maids of this Pack still refers to us as dirty slaves each time they see us. Talia is quite different from me, she gets closer to us and teaches us all the necessary things we need to learn. She is the kindest lady I have ever met in my entire life of being a slave. The rest of the weeks she taught us so many things that includes how to clean, dress beds, set a table and how to speak when we are allowed to do so. All of it was a lot of work and entirely new to me but I don't have a choice because I don't want to die. I know that one day it is going to be better no matter how hard life seems to me. I made a promise to my mother before she died that I am going to stay alive no matter what happens. My promise to her kept me alive till now. After one week, Lucy was the first person assigned to serve the Alpha. She pleaded with Talia to change her but she refused. I think Talia was still angry about the way Lucy spoke to her, that's why she is the first to meet the Alpha, but she didn't look like someone that held grudges. Our training continues as Lucy went to serve the Alpha and she is going to return the next day. The next morning, we walked up to Talia and asked her about Lucy's whereabouts. "She has been held captive in the slave hurt", Talia replied. The thought of being sent there draws me back because the first time I was sent was the worst horrible experience of my life. I saw hell in there. They hardly fed us and we worked all day, from morning till night without rest. The pain and suffering was unbearable for my small body. "What did she do? Grace asked. "Nobody knows the answer to that because we can't question the Alpha, that is the actual reason I warned her to be very careful," she said. Two days had passed and it was Grace's turn to serve the Alpha, surprisingly she returned with a smile on her face. "It seems she carried out her tasks accurately by the look on her face," Tina added. "It went beyond my imagination, the Alpha wasn't as cruel as we thought but I must confess, he is extremely handsome", Grace explained and Tina rolled her eyes. I just hope I will be as lucky as Grace….my thoughts. Two days later, Tina's turn to serve the Alpha and she returned with the shadow of herself. Grace couldn't stop asking her questions but she didn't utter a word, she just went straight to her room and we followed her as well. I also want to know the reason why she was in that state. Tina got to her room and sat on her bed, she narrated how she mistakenly tapped her toes on the table and the Alpha's breakfast poured on the floor. Although the Alpha didn't utter a word as she cleaned them up, that was too bad on the first meeting. "We all make mistakes, besides he didn't say anything or punish you," Grace added and she nodded in agreement. "It seems you don't get, this is not a good sign start at all, I can't believe I was that careless but I still thanked God that it didn't pour of the Alpha, by now I would have been killing for try to murder him," Tina said and Grace stared at her. If it had been me that this happened to I would just die there immediately, my thoughts were right, the Alpha is actually can be merciful. "You are being overboard Tina, he isn't that bad as we all thought because if he actually was, you would have been killed by now," Grace added but Tina is still in fear. It looks like Grace likes the Alpha already that is the reason she is speaking in his favour. "It is going to be your turn next week but I guess you don't have anything to worry about because all will be good. Grace assured me with a smile on her face. It has been so long since someone ever smiled at me, although I didn't smile back but I guess she understands that I said thank you mentally. The awaiting day finally arrived, and that is my turn to serve the Alpha. They maids searched me thoroughly before I could proceed to the Alpha chamber. My heart had already started beating very fast and I felt all my body shaking but I still managed to hold the tray very tightly with my small tiny hands. When I got to his chamber, he was in his study room and will be having his breakfast there. Talia helped and walked me to the study room and a hefty scary man was at the door, she greeted him and left me alone to my fate. Immediately I walked into the study room, our eyes came in contact and I saw his eyes sparkled and there was a silly smile on his lips.
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