Chapter 6: Alpha Axel Pov

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I stood there with my hand behind my back as I stared at who was crying and pleading on the floor. You should thank your God that I was busy if I would have took my time in dealing with him for being a traitor and also stupid enough to get caught. "Please have mercy on me, I plead for mercy," the man on the floor begged with tears in his eyes. "But why did you do such a thing," I asked him, giving me false hope that I am going to release him. "Please your highness, I didn't do anything, I have been framed," the man said in his defense. Does this man think I am that stupid? He was found guilty and his playing on my intelligence. "Are you saying I was wrong?" I asked him, raising my eyebrows. "Your highness, I won't dare to think about it, let alone say anything like that... Please I beg of you to spare me by your grace." He voiced out. I don't care if he was crying out blood, he was disrespectful and won't go unpublished. "Is okay, I believe you," he looked at me with disbelief written all over his face as I said that to him. "Thank you your Highness, I am so grateful…," "Get rid of him!" Immediately, the guard took his sword and struck on his back and fell down gasping and screaming in so much pain. Although it was so painful to see one of my trusted advisors in so much pain. But the big problem is that I don't have the heart to free him. But come to think of it, did he actually dream that I am going to free him? I just wanted to toil with his heart which I drive joy in doing to people. "I told you to get rid of him and I meant not to allow him to have a mouth to make a sound", I said to the guard that struck him. "I am deeply sorry your Highness," the guard knelt down as he apologized with fear written all over him. "Strike him again and make sure he dies at the spot," and he struck him once more and he died immediately. Throw his body away to be fed by the animals. This should serve as a warning to anyone who dares to go against me in this Pack. "Learn how to spike someone and kill the person with one goal," I hate being disturb hy their pathetic cries. "Understood your Highness," the guard bowed as l left the scene and went back to the study room. I guess he thought that being one of my trustees will make me not punish him after getting to know about his betrayal and evil plotting behind my back. He must be an i***t, anyway he is already dead now and that problem has been resolved. The next thing on my mind now is to review all this paperwork on my desk but thinking of it weakens my nerves. The day just began, I guess I have to start and see how far I would go before nightfall because I already map out for the paperwork reviewing. When I got to my study room, I sighed in displeasure, it is going to be a really boring day without any sword work or actions. Fighting and killing are the most interesting things about being an Alpha of a Pack. I kill at any time I wish and nobody dares to go against me or question me about it. I have always been this twisted. I was about to get some paperworks done when the door opened and I looked up to see it was and immediately our eyes met with each other. She turned away immediately, my lips turned into a smirk at her own free will. She bowed as she made her way to where I am. She walks towards me, nervousness written all over her. Her body was shivering but she was holding the tray on hand for support. I chuckled inwardly at the sight and her acting looks so adorable and cute. I guess she must be the one Anna talks about that can't speak. Yes she told earlier because I hate being kept in the dark, if not I had it been that I asked her a question and she didn't answer I would have concluded that she is ignoring me and that might lead to her death. Anna did well by telling me beforehand. Wow I think I love what I am seeing. Her looks was so adorable that I couldn't take my eyes off her. I tried but I couldn't bring myself to take my eyes off her as she came close to where I am although she was very cautious, who knows what she has heard about me? Finally, she reached my study table and I pointed to where she could drop the tray, and carefully she dropped it by my side but still her whole body was shivering. I haven't even spoken a word or neither have I done anything to and yet she is still shaking. Even with her scared face, she still looks adorable like a cat with that her round face. She tried to raise her head and our eyes met with each other once again, immediately she looked away and bowed her head. She never gave me the chance to look at those beautiful eyes of hers. Her eyes are quite different from others, the eyes are breathtaking and I have never seen such beautiful eyes before and it has a different colours from the rest. As she stepped back and stood beside me in case I needed anything, I kept on staring at her small attractive body and she was busy looking around nervously praying that the day would come to an end already. So many hours passed, yet I kept staring at her and never bothered to eat the food she brought and she was fidgeting a lot. I was strongly attracted to her already, for a long time I haven't found something that interests or sparks me like she does. I made an effort to have my food so that I could quickly discharge her of her duty then I noticed she breathe down in relief. Then she bowed as she quickly ran away. I kept wondering what she might have heard about her or what other maids have told her concerning me that made her have so much fear of someone she hasn't seen before. But that wasn't fair, I think I should have dealt with those maids for putting fear in such an innocent girl before coming to meet me. In the afternoon, she came again to serve my lunch as well as in the evening of that same day and I was still in the study room reviewing those paperwork but taking break at every interval. I need to review and finish all this paperwork as soon as possible because it has been here for so long and it has accumulated. Honestly, I didn't even know the reason why I allowed them to pile up in this way. When she came in the afternoon, I was so busy that I couldn't stare at her but I could see she was gazing at me but I didn't want to scare her so I focused on my work. But in the evening, I don't actually have much time to look at her and when I did, I noticed you are relaxed a little bit. I guess she understands that I won't punish her as long as she carries out her duties accurately. That reminds of that foolish girl that poured my breakfast on the floor this morning. I didn't punish her or utter a word just because I was in a good mood at that moment. But if she repeats that silly act again, she is not going to go unpunished. How does she think she can serve the Alpha while being so clumsy? I didn't know I still had a good side till that incident because I was unable to give her a severe punishment. I kept staring at the girl who couldn't speak who was in front of me. I really wish to know more about her and her name but unfortunately she is mute and I guess that is going to be a very big problem. I never dreamt that I will ever speak with slaves in my life and I now that I wished to do so unfortunately she can't speak, what a life? I also wish she can write but being a slave never gave her the opportunity to acquire a proper education. I really desire to start a conversation with her but on second thought, speaking with her in the first meeting might create a bad impression on her that I want to punish. Besides, I still have a lot of paperwork that calls for my attention. Afterall, she is not going anywhere so I have the whole time in the world to finally get to speak with her. Honestly, I haven't gotten a close look at her because she always keeps her head down but I guess I will have the chance to do so on another day and after the dinner I watched her leave with her attractive body. I think we will get along very well because something in me tells me that because honestly I hate people that talk too much. I can't really pinpoint exactly what I like about her but I crave seeing her again. A knock at the door interrupted me from my thoughts as Edward walked in and bowed. "Your Highness, the committee of Elders are requesting to have a chat with you", Edward my personal assistant said. I have been waiting for him to tell this since this morning and now they requested my audience by this time of the day, what are those old up to now. I walked towards the throne room and Edward followed suit, when I got there they bowed their heads in greeting as I sat on the golden chair. Twenty- four Elders present twelve standing at my right side and the remaining twelve are the trustees with high power, they are the noble men that have cash in the Pack and they were appointed by myself because of their intelligence. "Your highness, we heard about what happened earlier to one of the trust…… "Is that the reason you all are here?" I cut him off not allowing him to finish the sentence and he gulped. Though I already knew that they would come and ask about him, I was not in the mood to attend any of their questions. Besides, I hate it when I am being questioned or interrogated. It boils the anger in me and I react badly if the questions continue. "Of course your Highness," the Elder Rufus said and he bowed his head. Nobody is allowed to question an Alpha no matter what the situation was and I can't sit here and allow such. "Yes I killed because he is a betrayal to the Pack and all the evidence was against him," I wasn't the type that likes explaining myself to anyone but since I was tired I needed the meeting to end so I can rest, that's the reason I did so. "But your Highness, he was very loyal…" "Are you indirectly calling me a liar?" I asked the elder who was trying to flinch. "Am deeply sorry, your Highness," he apologized. "Let me just pretend that you didn't just try to question me now," I replied. Besides, the only reason he is getting away with it is because he is among my trusted elders and was the oldest. "Apart from this case, are there any other issues that made you people want to have a chat with me?" I asked them. "Well your Highness, the first elder on my right, elder Matthew cleared his throat. "We are begging with you, your Highness," he said. "What are you people pleading for?" I asked because I didn't understand what he meant. But what could they possibly plead for? "What do you people want?" I asked. "We are pleading to your Highness, that you find a female mate that would be called our Luna," he said. This Elder Matthew never changed this topic of finding a mate, they have to understand that I won't just do that because they say so. But finding a bride was one of the things I have never considered or had in mind because women nag a lot and I don't want them to bother me now. I want to find a mate that's strong and independent but yet to find any because I never bother searching. I am not yet ready to have a family now because I still need to fix a broken piece of my life. "I can see you people don't have any other important things to say, I beg to take my leave then," I stood up as I said that. Honestly, they are lucky that I was in the good mood today, if not I would have punished all of them by bringing that up. They all bowed their heads as I walked out of the royal hall, they should know what and what to talk about because I don't mind punishing them even though they were the Elders of the Pack.
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