Chapter 7: Lonely Me

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Sophia When our eyes came in contact with each other, I noticed that he eyes were hard and as well as intimidating, it made me want to run out of the study room as fast as possible. I didn't even know why I look now of all time and this my silly eyes landed straight to his. I was supposed to keep my head bow down not to look at the Alpha let alone making eye contact with him. That is not a good sign at all and I hope I won't be punished or killed because he might use it as an excuse to do so. I grieved at the thought of being killed but then I snapped out of my thoughts when I remembered that l am still in front of him. I held the tray very tightly for my dear life as I moved closely towards his direction. I was mindful of my steps and as well nervous and finally I got to the table and set the tray of food on the table. Although I was expecting him to utter a word or at least reprimand me for making eye contact with him, he just kept quiet. I stepped back and stood at the corner with my head bow down. I could feel that his eyes was stuck on me and that made me wonder if I have done anything wrong. I have never been close to Alpha like all my life and now scared because I don't know the reason while he was staring at me. I haven't served him before none have I done anything wrong. I was really very uncomfortable the way he was staring at me and I decided to look up again our eyes met with each other, I looked away immediately. But was I the one that supposed to look away? Besides he was the one that stuck his on me. I wonder if there something stucked in my face or do I look ugly in this maid outfit. I couldn't help to start shivering about this his intense gazing. The sound of cutlery made me sigh in relief, at least he has started eating the breakfast after staring at me so long. I was able to glance at him while eating, he is a huge man with muscular. His body built showed that he has really taken good care of himself. At the same time, the clothes he wore made me raise an eyebrow. He didn't even dress like an Alpha, he was wearing a blue T-shirt with black trousers and that's exactly how commoners dress's. He dressed very simple and his black hair was shining from the sun ray. People said he is a very cruel man but none of them mentioned that he is too cute and honestly I couldn't take my eyes off him. Is it really true that such a calm man can be that cruel? Maybe Talia and Tina was just making an assumption. He didn't utter a word even when our eyes met with each others. It was only Grace that acknowledged his true identity which is quite and handsome. I was staring dreamily at him when he glance at me and I looked away immediately to avoid our eyes meeting again. I was totally lost in thought that I forget where I was. But I couldn't help it desire to stare at him for all day but I know that could only bring trouble upon me which I never wished to do so. But to my surprise, he didn't say anything about nor did he punish a slave like me for staring at him like that. He ignored two things that I did wrong and I was really baffled by this attitude if his. Honestly speaking, when we are told that we will be serving the Alpha, I was only thinking and expecting that we will be his bed mate but to my surprise my thoughts about him was totally wrong and I don't think serving him was a bad idea. I have been in so many Packs but this has been the only beautiful Pack I have stayed in and it was the first Pack that let me eat as much as I want. It was the first Pack that I lived in that didn't beat me to a pump or lee the hottness of the sun deal with my body cruelly. The life of slavery is the life I will never wish for anyone not even my enemy. You won't be able object anything or even utter a word in any matter, you just have to listen to your master. When Alpha Axel was done eating, I took the tray and quickly scurried out of his study room. I breathe in relief, thank goodness it ended well, I was just so scared for nothing. When I got to the slave hurt, Tina and Grace were eagerly waiting for my arrival. "How was it? Grace asked. Within me, I was very happy that I met people that I could stay with and chat with. I have been so lonely even since I became a slave because each time I tried to make friends, either they were killed or taken away. At a point, I decided to stopped making friends with slave because I saw no need of it. "She can't speak silly", Tina said to Grace. "I it went well I guess?" And I nodded "I was also going to ask her that," Grace defended herself but Tina scoffed. "That is a lie, you were not going to ask her that, you just forget that she couldn't reply because she can't speak." Tina chaffed. "I didn't forget that Tina, remembered she can't speak, I was going to ask her that but you didn't allow me to finish my sentence." Grace replied. "Were you scared of him?" Grace asked. I didn't know how to tell them that I was so scared that I nearly wanted to run away. "Okay let's do this, you were scared, raise one finger and you weren't scared you raise two fingers," Tina said to him as she demonstrated with her fingers. Then I raised two fingers. "I guess I am the only one that finds the Alpha so scary, that means I am finished," Tina sighed. "You are too dramatic, drama Queen." Grace said as she slapped Tina's arm. "But that doesn't hurt that much right?" Tina said It won't hurt because she had feel pains bigger than this one. "Yes of course, it doesn't hurt," Grace rolled her eyes. Both of them are best friends and I don't think there is anything that can tear them apart. "Please let's go back and start doing our chores," Grace said as we all left the room. Frankly speaking, I felt the bond formed with them already, even if it was just a little while I felt the happiness. Lucy is already gone, who knows who it will be next. Our time and life here was not guaranteed to be long but at least I could try to make the best use of the little time. In the afternoon again, I served Alpha Axel his lunch and in the evening as well I served his dinner in his study room and that kept me wondering if he had any other things to do than studying. Silly me, he is an Alpha of the Blue Blood Pack so he needs to study at all times. How do I expect that he will rule this big Pack without studying? I always thought that the only things Alpha's do was fight war but I think my guess was wrong because they also study. He was so concentrated on his work that he didn't even glance at me when I served his lunch and dinner and that made me extremely happy and I thanked my stars for that. From where I stood, I studied the Alpha very closely and I noticed he doesn't usually smile as he was busy looking and scrolling at the written papers. I thought maybe he was tired but he never stood up and all he did was stretch his body for a little while. Finally, I thought life was very interesting for me because of how I am enjoying my stay in this Pack. But I should know that I am a slave and our happiness doesn't last because they can kill us at the slip of their fingers. One day, it was Tina's turn to serve the Alpha and she didn't return. Myself and Grace waited for her return to the next day yet she didn't show up and we feared for the worst. We tried to inquire about her whereabouts from Talia but she was very reluctant to say anything concerning her to us. She tried to hide it from us but it was already written all over her face. "Please just tell us what happened to Tina!" Grace yelled angrily at Talia. I have never seen Grace so angry like this before but at the same time she shouldn't be yelling at Talia like that since it wasn't her fault that something might have happened to her. "She was punished by the Alpha," Talia said finally but we already knew and the part we wanted to know was how he punished her. "But how? And what did she do? Was it because of what happened the last time she served him?" Grace asked as she was very worried. "I don't know what she did but all I knew is that she was sent out of this Pack, she is not here anymore." Talia replied. Tina being sent out of this Pack didn't leave a good feeling inside me and I was already sweating in my palms. What would be my fate then? "What exactly was her punishment after she has been sent out of the Pack Grace asked calmly. But I wonder how she can be so calm in these circumstances. Myself and Grace are the only slaves left in this Pack and am sure it won't be long we finally got what was coming to us. "I really don't know what happened but the guards forcefully took her away and I don't know where she is now," Talia explained as Grace's face dropped. I really thought that we all stay here together because of my assumption that Alpha Axel is a calm man or was he really in a good mood the day I served him? Grace was very close to Tina even though sometimes it feels like they don't get along but they shared a special bond. She tried to be calm in the situation but tears ran down from her eyes. "Two of you should go and rest for the day and leave the work for the maids," Talia said as she gave us a look of pity before leaving. I hated it when someone would give me a look of pity, it made me feel very inferior and angry at the state I found myself in. Myself and Grace sat on the bed when we got back to the slave quarters. I was happy that Talia gave us some time off to process the situation because it was certainly too big for us to digest. It was only two of us left and I know one of us will also leave soon. "My mind tells me that you will be the last person here," Grace suddenly said, breaking the silence and I looked at her puzzled. "I only said that because you can't speak, so you can't offend the Alpha," she explained. It is very much true that I can't speak at the moment but that doesn't mean I would be saved because I might suddenly become clumsy like Tina and spill the Alpha's food on the floor. "Please take care of yourself," she said as she held my hands and smiled, I couldn't help it but smile back at her. I kept wondering the reason why she was asking me to take good care of myself, it felt as if she was bidding me farewell. I didn't deliberate on her words that much because I saw no need for her to bid me farewell since we were still together here in the Pack. "I will be going to my room now," Grace said as she stood up and sluggishly went to get room. The next morning, it was Grace's turn to serve the Alpha, we both met and she was smiling so brightly before heading off to the kitchen to get his food and serve him while I continued doing my chores. Later in the evening, I heard that Grace spoke to the Alpha rudely and she was beaten mercilessly and then thrown into the dungeon. Before Talia should finish saying it, I felt my world has already shattered, was I going to stay in this slave quarters all alone seeing anyone? I should have known when she was pleading with me to take good care of myself that she was going to do something like this. But why would she dare to speak rudely to the Alpha? Tina was already gone and I didn't see any reason for her to do so. Or maybe she did that to know if she could be taken to where Tina was. But unfortunately, she was punished differently. Now I was the only left in the slave quarters in the Pack. "Please henceforth, you should be very careful, the Alpha doesn't mind how young you are and I am afraid Grace might not survive because of the way I saw the guards beating her." Talia advised. I could only nod my head as I didn't know what to say or how to reply to her. The next day I went to serve the Alpha and I was already looking so defeated because I knew I was the next to leave the Pack or even die. When I entered the study room, he watched my every step but I didn't care. I was so careful not to do anything wrong but my body was already shivering from fear. To my surprise he didn't utter a word, he just ignored me. I served him lunch in the afternoon and dinner in the evening but he said nothing but just ignored me. I felt a bit relief maybe I wasn't going to leave so soon just as Grace said but I was still all alone in the slave quarters.
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