Chapter 8: Heartless Alpha

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Alpha Axel I was very fuming with rage at the thought of hearing that someone dared to attack my Pack. When the messenger reported that to me, I nearly killed him. How can all these guards here be so useless and foolish? What were they all doing to allow this to happen? They better pray that the enemy got their hands first on them before I do so, if not they will all regret their existence. I will definitely make them regret the day they choose the guards of my Pack. They neglected their jobs and that is why enemy attacked them. I was very upset because the main source of the Pack's income came from the place the enemies attacked. But my security was so tight then I wonder how they managed to get in or is there any spy in this Pack? There was no other explanation for what happened and that was spying on my Pack better pray that I don't get my hands on him. I was still angry when that foolish slave that spilled my breakfast on the floor walked in. I was just waiting for her to make another mistake and if she did, her hands were shaking from fear. I was so angry that she didn't need to tell me twice that I would punish her if she made another silly mistake. As she was pouring the tea on my teacup, that's when her hand started shaking and decided to get her into big trouble by spilling the most content of the tea on the tray and table till it touched the scroll on my table. "I am very sorry your Highness, my apologies," she got on her knees and apologized continuously but I was already fed up with her clumsy attitude. How can she make so many mistakes? Even a small body that couldn't speak never make such mistake. Angrily, I flung the tray of tea on her and the hot content touched her body and she screamed in pain as she stoop up immediately and retreated. I called my personal assistant Edward to throw her out of my study room. "When you are done torturing her send her to the mines!" I shouted angrily as Edward dragged her out of my study room and she continued to beg for mercy. I really wantef to be the one punishing her but I have to prepare for war. I clenched my fist and slammed it on the wooden table on my study room. I really hate being provoked. She really pleaded that I should let her go but I was tempted to ask Edward to punish her but I just told him to throw her out of my sight and she was taken away. How can she be so incompetent. I gave her multiple chance but she messed it up, anyway how can I expect slaves to behave appropriately. Anna brought another breakfast for me, she knew and never uttered a word to me as she understood that I was not in a good mood. After am done with my breakfast, I went straight up to my room and wore my armor and got ready to go for war as well as the wolf inside me. The city that were attacked was not far from my Pack then I rushed there and stopped the foolish war in time. I never believe that someone could be so foolish to attack my Pack. Who would dare to do such as a thing? I am going to make sure they will all pay with their bloods. I rode with my guards to the battlefield and we wasted our enemies them all. My hungry for some action has been quenched for a little while because I slaughtered every single one of my enemy that I could get my hands on but my sword keep yelling for more and more blood. I will deal with their incompetent Alpha later for thinking her can tamper with the city I ruled and scout free. I don't think he really know what is coming to get him. He couldn't even defeat the city he attacked so why going to war then? I don't understand why he attacked someone that he knows very well that is better than him in every aspect. I came back with the hope to rest after I have finished destroying my enemies but when I came back I was addressed in the most disrespectful way ever. I was the type of man that doesn't like to be dared with or spoken back to. I instructed the guards to take their time in beating and torturing her in oder for her to understand that our worlds are very much apart. I witnessed it as I watched her cried out in agony and begging them to stop as well as pleading me to let her go but her tears didn't get through me. She passed out about three times and then I was already bored so I instructed them to take her to the mines for more punishment. I want to be alive and suffer more but if she dies there because of her wounds then it wasn't my fault again. Every step I make towards the dungeon makes my heart happy and when I reached there I sat down and start staring at the pathetic state of the woman on the floor. Her body was already bleeding continuously but that alone wasn't enough to quench my anger. How dare she to insult me? She was just a mere slave yet she thought she has the right to change my words. Who gave her the right to address me in the first place? Though she has been beaten and tortured beyond recognition but I still desire for her to suffer more. "Chain her to the wall," I commanded the guards and quickly they got into action and dragged her up and chained her to the wall. "Whip her!" I instructed again. I wasn't in the mood to get my hands dirty today and I didn't want anything to irritate me. The guard holding the whip hesitate and I gave him a scary stare, his was already shaking in and this is the first time am seeing the guard. "Your Highness, he is still in training, please forgive his insolence." Another guard said as he collected the wip from him and lashec it on the woman as she was awoken by the pain and screamed in agony. That is better, I like the sound of what am hearing. She was already bloody that I wasn't sure if can survive another beaten but if the she does, she has my respect for being a strong woman. The guard continued whipping her until she passed out again that made me think she is already dead. "Check if she is still alive!" I told the guard and he moved closer to her and place his finger on her nose and she bite him. The guard shouted and slapped her as he freed his finger, I could help but to smile at the scene. I so much love strong willed minded people and they are not meant to die. "Free her and send her to the mines," I told the guard that was busy nursing his injured finger. Although he wasn't pleased to hear what I just said but he had no other choice than to carry out my instructions. That's more like it, you have to obey your Alpha no matter what. "Your Highness," the guard gritted as I stood up and left the dungeon. It wasn't that the guards cannot punish someone without my supervision but just that I derives pleasure being present for every aspect of the punishment. Because of the stupid actions on the attacked city Commander I now have extra paperwork to do. I glanced at them but my head was already hurting from looking at them. I supended the commander of the city my enemies attacked from his position, he is not worthy of it. He will make sure I punish him for giving me extra work then I asked the guards to torture him a little bit. I have guards that are specially trained for torturing people. I trained myself in the most unthinkable ways. I know how it is to be in pain and that isn't something I could feel anymore after what I have passed through in life. I supected that the commander was the spy I am looking for but I didn't have enough evidence against against him to back it up. But why would he betray his City? That word betrayal was the one thing I can never forgave. Then some knocked on the door slightly, and it opened revealing the petite girl that can't speak. Honestly I needed to know her name or better still gave her a name myself. Immediately I set my eyes on her, my anger vanished but fear was written all over her, maybe she thinks I am going to send her away like the other slaves or better still punish her. I guess she must be thinking that I am a monster. She carefully watched every step she took towards me and I couldn't help but stare at her. Her hair wasn't that neatly packed as it was the first time I saw her. It was packed in a messy bun and her eyes was swelling looking like someone who hasn't slept for days now. She bowed to me and set the tray of food and then stood at the corner beside me. I hope to talk to her the next time we meet but seeing the recent events that have happened in the Pack, I don't think it is a good idea to speak with her now. She stood with her head bowed down in defeat position but still I can't bring myself to look away from her. She must be seeing me as the heartless man now and I chucked as a painful memory flashed back to my head. Ten years ago this memory would have triggered something else in me but now all I felt is just numbness. She left immediately, I finished my breakfast, and she also served me lunch and dinner but I didn't pay attention to because I can feel scared she is already. I don't want to frighten her even more by trying to talk to her or pay any attention to her and I noticed that ignoring made her calm a little bit. This is not good time to speak to her, I will just have to wait until a more convenient time. Then I remembered that Anna had informed me that more slaves will be brought to the Pack by tomorrow. But honestly speaking at his point, I didn't care about how many slaves she can bring to the Pack. I felt a bit at ease , at least she can have someone to keep her company even though she can't speak. Every Pack in the werewolves line had slaves because I could remember when my Alpha was the Alpha and our Pack was attacked, many of our people were taken as slaves, it was really an awful time for the Pack back then. My father was a weak ruler and I hated him for his weakness. He never cared about his family nor the affairs of his Pack because of that I hated him with passion. He was such a womanizer and treated my beloved mother like trash but she never complained. My mother was the real definition of beauty with brains and when it comes to planning the affairs of the Pack, she is just the best Luna any Pack can think of but my father never acknowledged her and I felt her pain but she said anything. All she ever did was just smile so bright that you won't notice the sadness in her face. I never knew that age will ever be asd until one day I saw her crying late at night in the garden. I didn't ask her what happened, I just sat by her side holding her hands. To my surprise, the next day she acted as if nothing happened and that made me start paying attention to what had been going on. And I saw how badly my father treated her and then I understood that her heart was in so much pain but she chose to smile it away. That alone made the respect I have for her grew without any bound. I wished that my father died all alone and didn't drag my mother along with him. The particular event that led to his death made me so angry with him. Even in his death, I still can't bring myself to forgive him. I became this heartless because of the cruelty of this world that never allowed me to experience the true meaning of happiness. It has always been snatched away from me and it was as if I was cursed not to be happy. The new slaves they brought to serve me get on my nerves within the space of two weeks and is either I sent them to the dungeon or back to where they brought them from. Since Anna brought another new slaves, I haven't set my eyes on the one that can't speak which had already sparked my interest. The very one that came to serve me was smart, after pouring my tea she stood at the corner waiting for me to drink it but something seemed odd about her, the moment she walked in to my study room, she wasn't scared like the rest of the slaves rather she carries herself with much confidence. Then I took the teacup handle but as soon as I wanted to have a sip, it smelled differently. I noticed that because I have a sensitive nose. I dropped the teacup down immediately. "Edward," I called and he came in immediately, the girl froze. "Yes your Highness," he bowed. "Should I speak or will you tell me yourself?" I asked as I turned to the one that was already covered in fear. "I am very sir," she apologized as he bit her tongue to die but Edward was quick to hold her mouth and knocked her out. And she was interrogated. So now they are using slaves to poison me? And whosoever that did should just pray that I don't find him soon. After the intense of interrogation, we found out that it was Jason that oder her to poison me. "But he said it won't kill you, please sir spare my life I beg of you," she pleaded but I have already decided on what to do with her. "I will make you regret your existence," I said, smiling evilly, then I placed the rod I was holding on the burning fire. "Don't worry it is not going to kill you," I returned her words back to her and shook her head. "Please sir, let me go, I already told you what you wanted to know." She cried but I was just waiting patiently for the rod to get hot and as I took it closer to where she was tied up. "Please sir, I beg for mercy." She pleaded as I placed the hot rod on her lap and her scream filled the whole dungeon. "It won't kill you," I said again as I took out the rod that had already branded her lap and threw it back to the fire as I watched her sob silently taking deep breaths as she continued pleading for mercy. "If you continue to plead for mercy, then I brand your face next," I said as she slowly stopped crying. She knows that her value lines in her pathetic face. I took out the rod from the burning fire again and watched her try so hard not to cry as it pressed against her second lap, tears fell from her eyes freely but she didn't cry or scream. "Well you did tell me trust and for that I will let you go," I said. "Take her to the mines," I instructed as I dropped the rod on the floor and left the dungeon.
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