Chapter 9: Sad Look

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Ever since the new slaves were brought to the Pack, I joyously woke up everyday because I knew I won't be seeing Alpha Axel face on daily basis since other slaves are there to serve him as well. Although he was quite handsome, but judging from his actions and what I have heard about him, I don't want to take any chances.


Even though he has never treated me badly and I don't know the reason why he always been so heartless to other slave. That alone made me wonder if it was the same all were serving.


I was happy about the new slaves Ma'am Anna brought after Grace and Tina was taken away because I won't be all alone in the slave quarters anymore.


I was hoping to make new friends but that wasn't the case because none of the new slaves want to associate with me and that really hurt. But on a second note, I didn't blame them because I don't know what their situation was before they brought them here. Given that I can't speak, I couldn't judge them because I also myself can't interact with them.


The slaves quarters didn't feel empty anymore and I was happy about that even if just a little while. Although they didn't interact with me, at least I had company.


The new slaves were already full of themselves and there is one who always have this mysterious looks on her face. To me she looks very dangerous and I tried all my best to avoid her and never come close to her.


From the way she looks, it shows that she is not a slave but someone that has a deadline mission but I don't have any evidence to back it up and besides I can't speak.


She proudly carried herself and her shoulder isn't dropped in defeat unlike every other slaves I have come in contact including me. Arrogance and pride are not the life styles of slaves but she possess all of them. She sees other slave as beneath her and none of the slave will utter a word she she bulls them.


Although I wasn't among those she bullied so I mind my own business. When Talia was busy showing them around the Castle, she pretended to be so innocent among them all.


Anyways, it doesn't matter what I think. I am only happy because for three weeks now I didn't see Alpha Axel and no matter how bad the new slaves acted, they saved me from seeing the Alpha.


One after the other all the new slaves were sent away and that alone made me wonder what was actually wrong with this Alpha Axel. Although he doesn't take bedmates but the punishment he always gave to those slaves is more than needed. I haven't witnessed where he was punishing anyone before but I heard one of them during the process. I didn't sad about it because I knew nothing about any of them but the feeling of being all alone in the slave quarters was creeping back to my soul.


We were only two slaves remaining in the quarters, myself and the strange girl. She always acts so smart in front of Alpha Axel and hasn't made any mistake that will warrant him to send her away. Even though we don't interact with each other, staying in the same quarters with her reduced my feeling of loneliness.


One night I saw her sneaking away from her room out of the slave quarters and I kept wondering where she was going at that time of the night. She never said her name to me or introduced herself.


I was tempted to follow her but the fear that I might get myself into trouble made me go back to the quarters and get into my bed and sleep.


The next morning, she went to serve Alpha Axel and when I heard that she was caught trying to poison the Alpha, I wasn't surprised because all her behaviors looked suspicious.


Maybe that is the reason she sneaked out so late in the night to go get the poison. And something in me tells that the person that wants to kill Alpha Axel also lives in the same Castle with him. But thinking of it alone can get me into trouble so I dropped the thought immediately.


I didn't hear much details about the matter but the only thing I got to know was that she won't be serving the Alpha anymore. What happens to me then?


I really don't want him to sent me back to the slave house where they brought us from to that unthinkable dungeon because that was the most horrible place one can be sent as a slave because the torturing and the way the guards handle slaves as if they are not human beings. The guards in the dungeon or the mines treat slaves how they fit and no one dare to question them because Alpha Axel gave them the authorities.


I just hope and pray that there will be a miracle in my case because I don't want to go back to slavery, thinking of it alone ties knot in my stomach.


To my surprise, five days later, Talia informed me that I would be serving Alpha Axel. It made me have a puzzled look on my face.


"Congratulations, you have been free from being called a slave because slaves won't be coming to the Castle for now and we all need to put our together for the betterment of this Pack." She smiled as age explained.


Hearing that alone made me breathe silently in relief.


"You seem relieved, I thought leaving the Castle would make you happier?"

She asked but I nodded my head.


Honestly, this Castle was the only place I have felt relaxed in a long time. I wouldn't be happy if I leave from here besides where will I go if I did.


"We haven't figured out where you will be staying for now but for the mean time you have to stay alone in the slave quarters." Talia said and I nodded my head as well.


Staying for now wouldn't be a problem as long as I eat good food and sleep on a bed as well as have my bath on a daily basis.


I very much understood the reason they don't want me to move to where the rest of the maids are staying. Who would want to be in the same place with a slave?


Besides, my stay in this Castle is not yet guaranteed because I don't even know when I will be sent away. I should just enjoy and make use of the little time I have here.


"Please be careful when you go to serve the Alpha because he severely punished a maid earlier today," Talia said.


Even naids are included in the Alpha wrath, maybe that's the reason they always brought slaves here to free them for his punishment.


But what actually happened to the slave girl that tried to poison Alpha Axel, I would really like to know all the details but is quite unfortunate that I can ask anyone because I couldn't speak.


"You can go now and serve the Alpha, he is waiting in his study room," Talia said as I followed her.


Alpha Axel is always in his study room, does that mean he actually likes books so much?


We walked towards the kitchen where I was searched before giving Alpha's food to serve him. Although I knew most of the areas in this Castle, I might still get lost if I am walking and thinking at the same time.


I collected the tray containing Alpha Axel's breakfast and carefully made my way towards his study room. The guard that opened the door for me had a scary look on his face but I was able to hold myself and walked in.


I entered his study room and bowed, making sure not to have eye contact with him again and as soon as I set the tray beside him, I stepped backwards immediately and stood by the corner.


For a few minutes, he didn't make a move to eat the food because he was just busy scrolling the paperwork he was holding.


Tried watching him closely to know why everyone was scared of him but to my surprise, I didn't see anything terrifying about him. Then why do people ruminate that he is heartless? I have never witnessed his anger nor I have seen him being angry before. He glanced at me and caught me looking at him and I turned my face away immediately.


Oh my Gosh, he caught me. What was I even thinking by staring at him in the first place?


"Can you read or write?" a very deep and smooth voice surprisingly asked.


Did the almighty Alpha Axel just talk to me?


His voice was quite different from what has been rumored that he is.


I shook my head while it still bowed down.


"Oh I see," he said.


And he never uttered another word which means the conversation has ended already and gladly I picked up the tray and left his study room.


I couldn't believe that he actually spoke to me, his voice so smooth and sweet. I wonder with this sweet voice how he can be as bad as they rumored. I think maybe they don't just understand him.


I reached the kitchen and dropped the tray containing dirty dishes and I was heading to the eating arena to eat when I bumped into Bella.


"Are you blind, watch where you are going!" She yelled at me.


Since I can't speak, I don't know how to apologize to her. But what was she looking at that made her run into me?


"Oh I totally forget that you can't speak, it is quite funny seeing that you are still alive," she said as walked passed like she is the owner of this Castle.


I know that I don't like her one bit but how can she be so rude to someone that hasn't done anything wrong to her? That's unfair.


I continued my walk towards the eating arena where I ate alone far from other maids. Talia always eats with me but when I looked around I noticed she was nowhere to be found. But where did she go?


Aftering I finished eating my food, I went to do my cleaning chores because serving Alpha Axel wasn't the only job for me in the Castle.


In the afternoon when I went to the kitchen to get the Alpha's lunch, I met Talia there.


"Alpha Axel requested an extra meal, so I will be going with you." Talia said and it gladdens my heart hearing that. But why will he request for an extra meal. Does he have a guest?


I wanted to ask Talia where she has been since morning but I didn't just know how to go about it. Now I see the reason why people learn how to read and write. Then I made an eating gesture with my hands and Talia raised her eyebrows slightly tilted her head. I guess she didn't understand what I was trying to say.


"My dear, I don't even understand what you are trying to tell me," she said in confusion as well as trying so hard not to laugh. I think I must look funny making that gesture that even myself couldn't understand.


"What is causing the delay here", Bella said as she showed up where Talia and I were. I stared at her for the interruption. Bella is someone that doesn't know how to mind her business.


"Good day to you Bella," Talia greeted.


"Afternoon to you too," Bella replied.


"Why the delay, are you not supposed to be on your way to serve the Alpha his lunch? Bella asked as she placed her hands on her hip.


"There is still much time left and she was asking me a question that I couldn't understand," Talia explained to Bella and she stared at me.



"If I could remember correctly, she can't speak? So what type of question did she ask? And how did she ask you the question?" Bella said.


She was talking not minding that I am also there with them.


"Please can you be nice for once," she made an eating gesture, Talia said.


"Eating gesture," Bella repeated as she kept quiet for a while.


"Oh she may be trying to ask where you went this morning because I saw her looking around when she was eating this morning." Bella suggested.


Wow how can she be able to read my mind, maybe because she saw me when I was looking around.


I nodded my head in agreement to what Bella said. I think she isn't that bad after all.


"Really, is that what you have been trying so hard to ask me, I went to buy something outside the Castle," Talia said and immediately my face beamed at hearing going outside the Castle.


"You seem happy, would you like to come along with me next time I am going outside the Castle?" She asked and I gladly nodded my head.


"Are you alright, have you forgotten that slaves are not allowed to go outside this Castle?" Bella asked Talia.


"Oh I almost forgot it, I am so sorry my dear, please I can't take you along with me or else I will be punished severely for doing so." She apologized and I understood her perfectly.


Immediately the excitement on my face died off and I suddenly became very sad for being reminded of my slave status.


"Seriously, I thought those that can not speak don't get sad," Bella said sarcastically.


"Do you have to be so rude to her," Talia said to Bella.


I don't care anymore how Bella acted towards me.


"Although I can't take you outside for now but I hope someday I will be able to do so." Talia said.


"Haha, don't even make promises you know very well that you can't keep." Bella interrupted and Talia pushed her aside.


"Bella please can you leave us alone!" Talia said to her and she hissed as she walked away.


"Let's get the food so we can serve Alpha Axel," Talia said and I followed her as we walked towards the kitchen.


I was so sad that I couldn't be able to leave this Castle but when I was a slave, they always take us from one location to another but now I was bound within the walls of this Castle. Honestly, I don't feel happy about it.


"Please can you try to smile a little bit, Talia said as we walked towards the Alpha study room but I couldn't smile.


I only desire to go outside this Castle for a little bit. And with that sad look on my face, we went to serve Alpha Axel his lunch.






















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