Chapter 10: Dungeon

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Alpha Axel I was sitting all day in my study room reviewing some paperwork and I could feel my body stiffening, then I decided to stretch it for a little while. Looking at the paperworks piled up on my desk was evidence that I was not even near finishing in reviewing them. They all need to be attended very urgently but mere looking at them weakens my nerves. Even though my head was aching, but I still need to review all of them in order for me to be able to know how the resources in the castle were being utilized by my elders. Doing the paperwork was one of the reasons I hated being the Alpha of this Castle. I hated the day I became the Alpha of this Castle because that was the day most of my problems started. I took a deep breath as I rubbed the back of my neck. At this moment, I needed to take a walk but all this paperwork would still be waiting for me when I returned. I am not the type to trust anyone with the finance of the castle because my father did it and it caused the castle a very big loss. I am the type that enjoys going for war most of the time and am always prepared when the need arises. Sometimes, fighting during the war serves as sources of relief from this troublesome position where my life is always on the line. I sighed as I rubbed my forehead and my head had already started aching me badly. Immediately, I was snapped out of my thoughts when someone knocked and opened the door. My heart gladens seeing her walk into the study room with Talia. I was eager to know her name, that is the reason I asked Talia to bring her along but she has a sad look on her face and I didn't like that one bit. But seeing her small attractive body and her pretty round face that looks like a ball made me happy and all my stress. She reminded me of someone that is very special to my heart. Both of them set the table for me and stood by the corner as I was trying to sort things out after the attack. But it was so hard and was giving me headache that I can't believe I still have some incompetent men in this Castle. I always derive joy in seeing the nervous look on her face each time she comes to serve me but she seems unhappy. And it interests me in knowing the reason why she is unhappy but I don't know if I should ask what happened or would it seem awkward if I asked? On second thought, does it actually concern me? I am the Alpha of this Castle and shouldn't bother myself matters concerning slaves but still I couldn't help but eager to the reason why she is unhappy. "What happened?" I saw myself asking before I could realize it and I was looking at her but her face was still faced down and she seemed distant. She seems like she didn't even hear what I asked and I glanced at Talia and it also seems she was lost in deep thoughts. "What happened?" I asked again. I was really surprised at my attitude towards her, I am not the type that asked questions twice yet I still overlooked the fact that she was not paying attention and still asked again. She gave me a perplexed look and she looked like a lost puppy and it was actually very cute. "You seem unhappy, what happened?" I asked and her eyes widened open in surprise. I guess she must be surprised that I was paying attention to her. Even me, I was surprised at myself and my actions. She couldn't speak so she just nervously tried not to make eye contact with me. "Permission to speak your Highness," Talia said and I turned to her direction. "Go ahead," I grant her the permission to speak on her behalf. "Well Your Highness, she wanted to come along with me the next time I got out of the castle," she said as she paused to catch her breath. "I told her it is not permitted for her to go out of the castle, that is why she is unhappy, your Highness." Talia explained looking very scared as if I would punish them because of it. "Is that true?" I asked her and she nodded since she can't speak. Ever since that slave tried to poisoned me, I banned them from going out of the castle because of security reasons and it would be a bad idea if I let her go with Talia. But she really looked unhappy and I wanted to see her cheer up even though I didn't like the idea of her going out of the castle. "That's alright, you can take her along the next time you go but make sure you observe her very closely." I said and Talia stared at me in surprise with her mouth wide open. She must have noticed that I was staring at her and she averted her gaze. "Yes your Highness," Talia said as she stared at me in surprise. It lightened up her face and she couldn't help but bow continuously, I guess that was her own way of saying thank you since she can't speak. "It's alright," I found myself saying and I didn't want her to start feeling dizzy as a result of continuous bowing. "Talia, I want you to start teaching her how to read and write anytime she is less busy. I want a result in less than two weeks." I said and Talia stared at me again in surprise. "Y..yes your Highness," she shuddered as she was unsure how to respond. "I hope you heard what I said, I at least expect you to be able to write your name in two weeks' time," I said to her and she gulped and suddenly, the happiness on her face vanished. Maybe I must have said something wrong. I don't know if she really wants to learn how to write her name or maybe she doesn't have a name. She nodded and I proceeded to eat my breakfast. I don't know what is going on through their mind or what they are thinking but the nervous look shows they are uncomfortable with my command. It is only those in the high class are being educated but now I am asking a mere slave to be educated. I already knew the reason why I want her to be educated so I don't need to myself to anyone. I have grown found of her and not planning to get tired of it anytime soon so as she stays here I want to find a way to be communicating with her any day anytime. But first, I need to know her name because it has been a constant question in my mind. They both rushed out of the room as soon as I finished with my breakfast without looking back. "Are they that scared of me?" But I didn't even do anything or punish them. "But why was I even acting this way?" For strange reason I don't want her to be unhappy. I just want her to be happy and smiling all the time even though I haven't seen her smiled before but I was hoping soon I would see her smile. But I really need to know her name. I was already tried of seeing all this paperwork filled up so I decided to push them aside and stood up. I was so exhausted that I need a massage. I just came back from war and immediately I walked into the predicament of reviewing the war expenses. This is the most rediculous thing I have seen. I can even enjoy free time just because I am the Alpha and didn't want anyone messing with my castle. Because of what happened to my father, I don't trust anyone because he was so lenient on the offenders and that is what caused his death. They hatched a plot behind his back and he is not aware of it. I still wondered how he managed to rule that long because because his actions deserve him to be the slave house instead of the castle. I can't believe I called such a man father. He couldn't even protect his own family but was looking after others. I walked out of the room and Edward follow suit. I just wanted to get so fresh air as well as vent off so some angers I was feeling. "Let's go to the dungeon," I said to Edward as we walked. He already knew what we are going there to do. I needed to pay some a special visit in the dungeon. As we walked towards the dungeon, I couldn't help it but wonder if Talia had already started teaching her how to write. The thought of her writing her name down surprisingly made me happy. I wasn't the type that got happy easily neither are am I the type that smiled. "I have long rejected those feelings so why are they coming back now?" I muttered to myself. As we walked down the stairs if the dungeon, I poundered on what punishment would be befitting for the criminal who gave me a lot of work and sleepless nights. Should I cut his hands first or should I whip him? But whipping him would be too soft and I wanted him to surfer. Maybe I should tied him up and throw him into the river to drown. That seems like a better idea. I really wanted to make him feel the pain he caused me by sitting in that damn study room all day reviewing all those paperwork because he chosed to a spy for my enemy. I scoffed thinking of it. For a commander betraying his people because of some gold is really an unforgivable act. He must pay with his life for causing my people lose but first I wanted him to surfer and cry as my people cried when their house was distroyed because of him. Lucky I got there on time if not he would have sold the whole Pack. No one else but the commander knew about his betrayal if not it would have caused more harm than good. I wouldn't like it if my people panic because over small fry but I am very sure that the big one will show up very soon. I smiled when I heard his screaming in pain from the dungeon. Now this is what I am talking about. His screaming sounds like a sweet melody in my ears. I should play with our traitor a little while. The torturing chambers where the most places in the castle I loved so much. I walked towards the guard that was torturing him. "Has he said anything yet?" I asked as I stared at the pitiful state he was in but he brought this upon himself. "Not yet you Highness," the guard said and I smiled evilly. "So you refused to say the commander?" I asked the half dead man. "Make him to wake up immediately," I told the guard and poured cold water on him and he woke up. "Commander you refused to speak the truth, tell me, was it only that good for nothing Alpha that bride you?" I asked. I could never believed it was only him, I know someone else must be involved. "Your Highness… it was only him believe me," he muttered. "Believe you, you said," I scoffed "I don't think you really understand the situation you are in, if you refused to speak after you died from this torturing, I am going to get your son and torture him just to make sure knows nothing." I said as I smiled when I saw his swollen eyes widen in fear. He should be a foolish man if he thinks I would let this matter die off if he didn't give the answer I wanted to hear. "Please sir, my son has nothing to do with all this… I beg you to spare him," he cried. "I won't stop there, I might also bring the whole family together, a family reunion wouldn't be a bad idea," I added and he shook his head. "Please have mercy on my family, they have nothing to do with this and they don't know anything about it." He pleaded. "My people also beg for mercy when they were killed but no one heard their cries, I think it is only fair that I avenge their pain." I said. "Will my family members be safe if I tell you the whole truth?" He asked. "Yes of course, I gave you my word that they won't be harm if you speak the truth but I can't say the same for you," I reassured him. He was a traitor and there's no way he is going to walk out of this dungeon alive. "I already knew my punishment for betrayal the castle and I beg at least you had mercy on me and saved my family the shame of being called a traitor." He said. It was Alpha Kiba, he was the one that planned all this and I assisted him in every way possible. He told me I would be a dead man if I dare to reveal his plans to you…I have no regret in helping him but please I beg you, you Highness protect my family." He pleaded. "I can't make a promise to a dead man," I said and he nodded in understanding. "Give me a sword," I said and Edward gave me his own. "I can't promise you a swift death," I said as I stabbed the sword into his stomach and he cried in pain, although he was already bloody from the whipping he had received. I wonder how long he can scream before he dies. I took out the sword from his stomach and blood rushed out as the commander passed out. Then, I gave Edward back his sword. "Leave him to bleed until he dies, that is his punishment for betraying the Castle." I ordered the guards in the dungeon as they bowed and I left from the scene. Alpha Kiba is really pulling every string he had just to see him I would react to it. He knew very well that I am not a man to be toiled with but yet he still goes out of his way to act stupid. I hope he wouldn't complain when I give the response he has been asking for.
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