Chapter 11: Two Weeks Learning

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Sophia I was so excited that I nearly jumped up in front of Alpha Axel when he told me that I could go out of the Castle with Talia. I could just believe it. But why was the all might heartless Alpha being nice to a slave like me. He was a man that everybody is scared of and yet he is nice to me. What actually is the reason? After he was done with his meal, we scurried out of his study room and Talia was staring at me in a way I couldn't comprehend. Doesn't she wants to me to go out with her because I am a slave? Or is it because he told her to educate me? But come to think of it, why did the Alpha want me to be educated? Education is one of those things that a slave doesn't need. Their job is to obey their masters for the rest of their lives. Ruth was in deep thoughts as we got to the kitchen and dropped the tray. She was silent throughout the time we were having our lunch. I started feeling awkward, maybe she doesn't want me around her. Her behavior changed totally that she didn't even notice that I was there with her. After lunch, I stood up to attend to chores and it seems she doesn't want to stay near me, so I went away because I don't want to be a burden to her. She has been the only one that welcomes me with open arms. "Where are you going?" Talia asked and I stopped walking. I thought she was ignoring me. Then she made her walk towards me and stopped in front of me. "Alpha Axel told me to teach you how to read and write, and again he wants results in less than two weeks. So we should start it right away and I will inform Ma'am Anna about it. Wait for me here, let me go get some materials then we can go to your room. She said as she left and I waited for her. I wonder what she was thinking about that made her not notice that I was with her until when I decided to walk away. After a while, she came back with some paper and pen and I helped her carry the paper as we made our way to my room. I thought she wanted to stay away from me but I was wrong. I get paranoid a lot and I often fear abandonment because of what I have experienced in the past. As soon as we got to my room and sat down on the table, she opened the papers and started teaching me. Obviously, I didn't know that learning would be this hard and exhausting. I was already tired because of the words I came across and I didn't know the meaning. It felt like the words were dancing around the books and it made me not concentrate. If study is this hard, I don't wish to continue but I had no choice because it was the Alpha's order and I can't disobey. Talia started teaching me with the alphabets but I was unable to write them down. It was weird the way holding the pen felt in-between my hands. She has to guide my hands and help me hold the pen so that I can write with it. This is really getting more annoying, I don't want to continue with this learning process. Because why is the Alpha interested in me studying? I sighed and dropped the pen on the table. I can't continue to do this, it is so hard. Talia glanced at me and I shook my head and looked away with a pout. I wasn't able to write down the alphabets correctly, I just kept making mistakes all through. "Please you have to try writing it, and I don't know the reason why the Alpha asked me to teach you but one thing I am certain of is that, if you are unable to write after two weeks, he would punish you and I", Talia explained with a sigh. I knew I would be punished if I am unable to write after two weeks but I don't mind and the last thing I wanted was to get Talia punished because of me. So I took a deep breath and picked up the pen and continued to try and write down the alphabets. Even though I didn't write it down accurately, I could still try. Besides, it was the first day of learning so I can't expect to get it correct just for today. Talia smiled at me happily. I thought she was angry that the Alpha asked her to educate me. "My dear, learning is a slow process, you can't just get all of the knowledge overnight, it is a gradual process and I am sure you are going to do great". Talia encouraged me as she smiled at me. I wish I could be good friends with her. She has been the only one that has treated me with so much care and respect ever since I stepped foot in this Castle. Other maids avoided me like a plague and looked at me with disgust whenever I came across them. I didn't have the dirt on me but the title of slave gave me dirt. I really wish I could leave that title behind but it wasn't up to me to do so. I can't decide anything for myself as I wasn't a free woman. "What are you thinking about?" Talia asked as she brought me out of my thoughts. I shook my head and continued with my writing. I needed to be fast and good with this teaching process in order not to disappoint her and get her into trouble. I should have known better when the Alpha agreed that I could leave the Castle that he had something else in mind for me. As time passed on, I got better with writing. There is a saying that when you put your whole mind into something, you will get it perfectly. Talia was an excellent teacher and it was like I was a kid who was learning how to write because I was so inexperienced that made Talia laugh sometimes but it was fun spending so much time with her, she treated me like a younger sister. That love of a sibling I long for so much, she showed it to me. I always recite all that she has taught me when I was doing my chores, in the bathroom and when I go to bed as well because I didn't want to disappoint her. Alpha Axel hasn't been asking how I am coping with the learning process, I think he is waiting for the two weeks to elapse so he could do so. He is always in his study room morning, afternoon and night and I wondered if did anything else. Does he just like studying? But studying was really hard and he does that almost on a daily basis. He is always busy looking after the whole Pack and it must be very hard on him. Why are am even thinking about it, I shouldn't bother myself with the Alpha and matters that concerns him, I am just a slave. I was walking along the corridor when I saw Bella talking, more like flirting with some guard on duty. Doesn't she know that it might get her into trouble? She always acts so classic but here she is flirting with just a guard. As soon as she saw me, she composed herself as if I didn't see her rubbing her body all over the guards some minutes ago. I wanted to have some fun so I stopped and stood still watching both of them. The guard looked so nervous as Bella clenched her fist and walked towards me and stopped angrily in my front and I was just smiling innocently. I didn't do anything wrong. "What is your problem?" She hissed and I shook my head since I can't speak. "Oh, I totally forgot you can't speak, but when did you become nosy?" She asked and I shook my head again. She always makes fun of my inability to speak but I didn't care about that. "You didn't see anything right?" She asked and I nodded. "What are you waiting for then, leave!" She yelled. I wasn't afraid that I made a gesture with my hands indicating she should leave first and she clenched her fists and went away. I looked at the guard who had been observing the scene and waved at him as he averted his eyes and I continued walking back to my room. Bella knows she can't do anything to me because flirting with a guard on duty is a serious offense and I suspected it wasn't the first time she was caught because she just quietly walked away without creating a scene, unlike her. I was coming from serving the Alpha and he seemed so busy today but I caught him staring at me or was it just my imagination. But I could an almighty Alpha lower himself to such a level of glancing at a mere slave? After dropping the tray in the kitchen, I headed straight to my room to have some rest because I was very tired but unfortunately, I met Talia waiting for me at the door. But I thought she said she would be busy today? "Did you think I would come to teach you today?" She smiled. Honestly, I actually didn't want to study today because I was so exhausted. "Let's go inside and study, remember tomorrow ends the two weeks the Alpha gave us and one thing I know is he will never forget," she said as we entered my room. But why would the Alpha even bother himself about a slave? Or is he planning to do something with me? The thought of that immediately sent shivers down my spine. As we entered my room and sat down, we started learning and she was teaching mostly how to write. "Can you be able to write your name now?" She asked and I couldn't bring myself to look at her or even reply. How do I tell her that I resent my name and never wish to be addressed by that name. "Don't you like your name? She asked as she noticed my hesitation and I nodded. "Can I know why?" She asked again and I shook my head. I don't want to remember anything that is related to my name. "But you have to write it down when you meet the Alpha, don't you think she should practice how to do that?" She asked. Besides, what is the need of having a name when it only brings bad luck to you. I shook my head again. "Well I have done my best in teaching you…..I won't force you to do what you don't want but please don't get me into trouble," she said. "Take this….it is a gift from me to you for giving me the privilege to teach you." She said as she gave me a hand book and pen. "It is a diary, you can use it to communicate," she said with a smile. I looked at her with grateful eyes and I accepted her as no one has ever given me a gift all my life. "Take good care of it, buying books is very expensive." I nodded. But why bother getting me an expensive gift? Talia was truly different from the rest of the maids. "I really don't know the reason why you don't want to write your name….I desire to call you by your name," she said and I looked down. "That's alright, I would be leaving to get some rest now," she said as she left my room. Immediately, I sighed in relief that she didn't press the matter further. My name wasn't something I wanted to remember but how could I even escape writing my name when the Alpha asked me to do so? I don't want anything to do with that name because it was given to me by my father….the man I resent so much. All I have are bad memories of my father. He never once in his life treated me like his daughter. I remembered years ago, I was running back home feeling excited after playing with my friends in our community town square, when I got home my mother wasn't around but my father was. Fear gripped me the moment I saw him. "Why are you jumping up in excitement?" He asked as he looked at me angrily. "N…nothing F…. father I was just coming from the community square," I stammered, the moment I mentioned where I was coming from his eyes hardened. "I thought I had warned you several times not to go there," he snarled at me and I involuntarily stepped back. I was scared of my own father and it has been this way for years. "Am sorry..," I tried apologizing but it only made him more angry. "Shut up your mouth and don't make those useless excuses of yours, when I tell you to do something, obey it!" He yelled at me and tears formed at the corners of my eyes. "I don't want to see those tears," he warned and immediately I wiped it off with my palm before it could drop. "Get inside the house now!" He instructed and I went in. My father banned me from seeing my friends let alone talking to them or even playing with them. I was ten years old back and it shattered my heart into pieces. Talia walked in and snapped me out of my thoughts. "I came back to take my hairpin," she said as she took it on the table. "Rest well as tomorrow is a big day for you, goodnight." She said as she left. I hopped on the bed as I needed to rest so I could get up early and I just prayed that the Alpha about the task he asked me to do because I want nothing to do with the name my father gave me.
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