Chapter 12: Nightmare

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Sophia My community people stood far away watching the whole scene without lending a hand, they looked at me with spite and that made me wonder what I could have possibly done wrong to them. My community was so small that we knew each and everyone living in the community. I knew all their faces and I looked at them tearily with the hope that someone would intervene, but no one did. I always looked like an outcast even though I was born and raised in the community. "Father, father please don't let me go, please don't let them take me away." I cried as the strangers were forcefully dragging me away from my family. My mother was crying bitterly as she tried to run to me, but my father held her back. My elder brother stood there staring at me like I wasn't his sister. I was already used to that look, the pain and that lost expression. "Let my daughter go! Let her go!" My mother yelled at the strangers as they were dragging me forcefully and she kept crying bitterly. My father held my mother firmly and refused to let her go as she struggled with him. "Father! Father!" I cried with every fiber in me hoping he could tell the strangers to let me go or he would come to my rescue, but the reply I got shattered my little heart. "Take her away, she brings bad luck to us," my father shouted. My little heart shattered into a thousand pieces at the way my father looked at me with so much hatred. I never really understood the reason why my father hated me so much. I was just a child, but he didn't care about that. "Let me go! Let me go!!" I shouted as I struggled to free myself from the strangers, but I was too little and their power too big on me. When I continued screaming, I got a defending slap that made me fall unconscious. Immediately, I jolted up from my sleep and my whole body was soaked in sweat. In a panic I looked around the room thinking I was back in the slave house but I sighed in relief when I saw I was still in my room. I had a nightmare again but this time it felt so real. I placed my hand on my drumming chest to calm it down as I took a deep breath. I am alright, am okay, no one will be able to hurt me in this Castle. I chanted in my head. I took a deep breath because it has been a long time since I had a nightmare. I thought my days of having nightmares are over but it's still coming. The first time I was taken by the slave traders I had a nightmare and it caused me mentally breakdown and I felt abandoned. I felt sorry for myself, I have really suffered a lot and yet it hasn't ended. I am still a slave. Rejection and pain was my only companion and I just hope it all changes and with time I will be able to forget about all these painful memories and finally let go of the past. Immediately, I suddenly remembered that I have to serve the Alpha today and I ran out of my room to the bathroom to take a quick bath. Why must it be today that I have to serve the Alpha that I would have a nightmare. I don't know how long I had been sleeping but I knew I was already late to serve Alpha his meal. I ran into Talia on my way to the kitchen. "I was coming to get you, you are almost late," she scolded me as she looked at me worried and I wished I could apologize but I couldn't. I guess she is anxious and wants to know how today will go. I understand her perfectly since her life might be hanging in the balance if I mess up today. I don't want to disappoint Talia in any way. She has always been so nice and thoughtful towards me. Immediately, I took the tray of food and went to his study room. His scary guard opened the door for me, he is always looking so mean and serious. Doesn't he smile? Even though I see him on a daily basis, his face still scares me. I haven't seen him smile before or talk only when he is giving orders. People are gossiping about him so I don't know what to believe but from my observation, he doesn't smile. I think his name is Edward because I always heard it from the nosy maids who gossip all day instead of doing their duties. Sometimes,I heard things that I wasn't supposed to hear from the maids gossiping and they don't even care that they are in the castle and doing such might get them punished severely. They always gossip how cruel the Alpha's personal assistant was but some maids were madly in love with him. I think that's the nature of women, they like the ones with power instead of the good ones. They are always fond of me but I am scared of him. How can the Alpha's personal assistant scare me but the Alpha himself doesn't? Is it funny right? It is not that I am not scared of the Alpha but I always feel relaxed whenever I am around him, besides I see no reason to fear a man who has not done anything wrong to me. He is totally different from the rumor I heard about him. He is kind in his own way. Ever since I started serving him, I have not had even one bad encounter with him. He is a different man from what I heard. When I entered the study room, I stopped in front of the Alpha and bowed to him and set the tray of food. Although he didn't acknowledge my presence, he was busy writing down something on the paper. I think this must be very important to him because I haven't seen do anything else other than stay in his study room all day. But he looks cute when he is writing and he is as well giving all his attention to what he is doing. I wonder if he just wants me to be educated so he doesn't have to stay around a moron because seeing the way he is always with this paperwork, I don't know how he managed with the headache and stress that comes from it. I watched him with so much admiration as he was busy writing. His food was still untouched and he was still busy writing with so much concentration. I was pushed to stretch my neck a bit to see what he was busy writing, wow his handwriting was so neat and beautiful unlike my handwriting that looks like scribbled words. He took his time writing until he finally stopped. "Finally, I am done," the Alpha said as he pushed the papers aside and stretched his body. His shirt raised up a bit revealing a bit of his muscles, but I looked away immediately. Wow he is quite a muscular man. I waited to see if he would say anything to me but he still didn't acknowledge my presence as he started eating his food. I was a bit relieved that maybe he didn't remember that task he gave me. Anyways, why would he even remember that? I was a slave and nothing and I didn't matter to anyone. I was just really praying in my heart that he forgets everything that has to do with my existence. When he finished eating, he cleans his mouth with a napkin and every moment he makes is filled with elegance and I so much admire it. "So can you write your name now?" He asked and I froze immediately. I guess Talia was so right, the Alpha doesn't forget. Who do I do now, should I stay? I can't write my name or I don't have one? "What are you waiting for?" He asked impatiently. I wanted to write something down but when I checked my pocket, I realized I wasn't with any writing materials. Oh my luck, why would you always play silly tricks on me? Talia gave me a book earlier today and I forgot it because I was in a hurry. But why should I even forget something that is so important? What am I going to do now? I looked around nervously. "Are you with any writing materials?" He asked and I shook my head. He brought a book and pen from his table and dropped it at the corner where I was. "You can write with this then," he said and I shook my head in fear and stepped back a bit involuntarily. How can a slave like me write with the Alpha's pen? I shouldn't even be two feet near him. Writing on the paper he gave me would mean I would stand beside him and standing beside him was definitely something I wouldn't think of doing. I think he is trying to find a reason to punish me or send me away from this Castle. I don't want to leave this Castle, despite everything I still want to stay here. I like the atmosphere here and I want to continue to be good friends with Talia. I have already started getting comfortable here. "Is there a problem?" He asked and my heart started thumping in my chest, he glanced at me but I couldn't do the same. But why was the Alpha talking so kindly to a slave like me? He is supposed to punish me for forgetting the important things which are my writing materials but he didn't. "Come closer, there is nothing to be scared of," he said in his deep voice. But how can I believe such a word? How could he expect me not to be scared? Life as a slave has made me not to believe in kind words anymore because it were like slow poison waiting to be unleashed. "I don't like to be kept waiting," he said and I was frozen at the spot, unable to move my body. My body refused to move even though I heard what the Alpha commanded. I was supposed to obey no matter what. Definitely, I would be getting punished for this, but it wasn't my fault that my body refused to move. I was too scared to move my step towards him. Maybe that was just a test I don't know of. Immediately, I remembered Talia, the Alpha asked her to educate me. Will she be punished as well? He stood up and walked towards me and I took a step backwards. "Why are you moving backwards? The Alpha asked, his voice cold and distant and his eyes hardened. I knew very well that I shouldn't be moving away from him but my body was scared and moved on its own free will. My head was already screaming at me not to get us into trouble but my body was so scared because it didn't want to do anything that would get it punished. I don't want to see any scars on my body, the ones I already had always remind me of my status as a slave and I didn't want any more. But why was this happening? I blamed my bad luck on the nightmare I had this morning. It scared me and now I am facing the aftermath of it. Of all the days to have nightmares that remind me of my father, it has to be today that I am meeting the Alpha. Suddenly, my father's words filled my thoughts. Maybe what he said might be true, I am just full of bad luck. I have grown to believe that I was ill luck walking around in human flesh because nothing good has ever happened to my life before. My happiness was always short-lived. "Come closer!" The Alpha commanded again. I nodded to obey his command even if every fiber in me told me to stay apart. I took a step closer but unfortunately for me my bad luck was at work and I missed a step and fell right into his strong chest and his arms holding my small attractive body form in place. That's when I knew I have done something terribly wrong, of all the time to miss a step it has to be now. I was visibly panicking by what just happened. Finally, I got myself a trip to the dungeon that I heard so much about. The maids always talked about the dungeon and they called it the dead zone and no one went there and came out alive. My heart skipped a beat as my face hit on his hard chest and his strong arms held me firmly. I froze at the spot, unable to move. It felt like my body was overwhelmed with fear and it dared not to move. I also felt my heart drop at the pit of my stomach, my thudding loudly in my chest. I feared it might explode. What have I done now? Why must I trip and fall now of all times? I was definitely going to be tortured for this. What was I even thinking? I was certainly not in my right mind, why did I walk closer to him in the first place? I should have just stayed in that corner I was and this won't have happened!
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