Chapter 13: The Name Sophia

2285 Words

Chapter 13: The Name Sophia Sophia My heart skipped a beat as my face hit on his hard chest and his strong arms held me firmly. I froze at the spot, unable to move. It felt like my body was overwhelmed with fear and it dared not to move. I also felt my heart drop at the pit of my stomach, my thudding loudly in my chest. I feared it might explode. What have I done now? Why must I trip and fall now of all times? I was definitely going to be tortured for this. What was I even thinking? I was certainly not in my right mind, why did I walk closer to him in the first place? I should have just stayed in that corner I was and this won't have happened. Alpha Axel gently placed me back on my feet, wobbled, unable to hold my body weight and I fell to my knees and immediately bowed my head in tot

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