Chapter 14: The Feeling

2299 Words

Alpha Axel It took all the fiber in me to control myself from pinching her rosy cheek, she was really so adorable in every possible way. The name Sophia fitted her just like those of her beautiful blue eyes. Each time I stare into those beautiful eyes, I get lost. Her eyes were breathtaking and extraordinary. All my life I haven't seen eyes before and I was mesmerized by it. I think she had a terrible history with her name because I wonder who doesn't have a name. I wasn't surprised when she fell on her knees after I saved her from falling but I wasn't thinking about it because at that moment all I wanted was to save her from falling down on the floor. But why does she even think I would punish her? How can I punish someone so adorable like her. She just looked like a little baby to me

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