Chapter 15: Saying Thank You

2395 Words

Chapter fifteen: Saying Thank You Sophia Ever since I left the Alpha's study room, my heart has been pounding in my chest. That was so intense and I have never felt so scared and nervous all my life. But why was he acting this towards me? Why would he even bother himself over a slave like me? I wonder why he didn't punish me when I touched him, better still hugged him? I have so many questions running through my mind without an answer. I just don't want to get into trouble with him. But he doesn't seem to be bothered about the whole scene. Wow, I am already in the kitchen and I didn't take notice because I was in deep thoughts. "Hay," Talia called and I was snapped out of my thoughts. I really don't want her calling me as 'hay'. "Tell me how did it go?" Talia asked. "Did it go well

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