Chapter 16: The Diary

2257 Words

Chapter sixteen: The Dairy Sophia My eyes fluttered open but I was still feeling sleepy. I gently sat up on the bed as I yawned and stretched my body. Wow, that felt amazing. I haven't had such a nice sleep in such a long time, no nightmares and no shouting from the guards. I didn't have to wake up early because Alpha Axel hasn't returned from his journey so I had a lot of free time. Although the maids actually didn't like me being around when they were doing their own chores. They would always snarl at me in ways I didn't like so since the Alpha wasn't around I didn't come to do my chores and no one bothered me. What they all needed me to do was to serve Alpha his meal because they are all scared to be around him in case if he is having a bad day looking for an outlet. I took my tim

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