Chapter 17: Nicho's Madness

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Chapter seventeen: Nicho's Madness


Nicho continued to bring me gifts and flowers but I was still uncomfortable with him around me as he kept bothering my peaceful life.

I didn't want him around me and I was still in deep thoughts while I was sweeping the place that was assigned to me. I was just wondering how I could tell him to stay away from me because Bella was becoming a pest to my life as she always warned me to stay away from her man.

While I was still busy sweeping, I felt a hand touch on my shoulder and I nearly jumped as I flinched and turned, raising my broom ready to attack who it was that scared me.

"Hey! Easy, I mean no harm." Nicho said.

I should have known that it could be only him that can do such an act but I didn't even hear his footsteps. I was in deep thoughts so I mi

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