Chapter 18: The Pain Of A Slave

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Chapter eighteen: The Pain Of A Slave


"Mom, why doesn't my father like playing with me?" I asked and my mom stared down at me with sad eyes as she smiled gently. I titled my head confused as to why she looked sad but was still smiling.

"Dear, you know your father is a busy man." My mom as she patted my head and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the touch of her hands on my head.

I always love it when my mom pat my head and she always does it when I am sad or to encourage me. My mom knows me best and she knew I was angry.

My dad only pays attention to my older brother and he doesn't spare a glance at me and it made me really sad.

"But he plays with my brother but not me," I said as I pointed to my chest.

My brother was the only one my dad loved and proves that with his actions but he always told

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