Chapter 19:No One Can Touch Her

2153 Words

Chapter ninety: No One Can Touch Her Alpha Axel I was looking forward to meeting Sophia, I just came back from a rather annoying trip and I wanted to tease her a little to relieve some stress. She is so innocent that she blushes at the slightest compliment, I really like that about her. I wished to see her fidgeting at the sight of me because I found it adorable when she does that. I was surprised when my breakfast was brought to me and Sophia wasn't the one that came. I asked about her and Talia said she was unwell. What could possibly be wrong with her? She was fine when I left and I expected to meet her in perfect health. "I will be the judge of that, tell her that she is going to serve me lunch." I told Talia who was looking rather uncomfortable at my request. Did something happen

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