Chapter 20: Free From Slave

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Chapter twenty: Free From Slave Alpha Axel As Edward was taken him to the dungeon, I went to my chambers briefly before heading down to the dungeon to continue with torturing him. How dare he touch her, he would live to regret it. I got into the dungeon and the guards bowed. "Let us begin." I said to the guards who brought out the equipment. "Forgive me my Highness." Nicho pleaded. I guess he finally woke up from his slumber and realized that this was reality. I didn't care what he did before but when he touched Sophia, he made the biggest mistake of his life. "Hand the equipment over to me." I said to one of the guards and he handed over the iron rod to me. It was rare to use a rod to hit someone since what was mostly used was a stick but given the severity of his case, I would ma

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