Chapter twenty-one: Beautiful Outfit

2214 Words

Chapter twenty-one: Beautiful Outfit Sophia I woke up to the sound of a bird chirping on my window. My eyes fluttered open and I sat up and yawned. I had such a wonderful sleep that I didn't even want to be woken up but the bird had something else in mind. I glanced over the window where I suspected the bird was and I stood up slowly as I saw the bird perched on the window. The window has no iron like the one I used to stay in the slave quarters and it reminded me that I was a free person. I took two quiet steps towards the bird and it saw me and flew away. It was a silly bird that just wanted to wake up and fly away. I walked to the window and smiled happily as I saw the greenfield, the view was marvelous and breathtaking. The feeling of freedom was quite amazing and I just can't hel

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