Chapter twenty-two: An Attempt On Alpha's Life

2234 Words

Chapter twenty-two: An Attempt On Alpha's Life

Alpha Axel

Hands behind my back and a smirk on my face as I walked into the dungeon to pay my guest a little visit. It's been a while and I was surprised he has survived this long, I applauded his strength and perseverance. Nicho survived longer than I expected. He is indeed worthy of the title of a trusted commander. He just had to act stupid and throw that all away just to satisfy his lust of women. A woman has surely led to his downfall.

I stopped in front of the miserable sight of Nicho and all I felt was disgust, he is utterly disgusting. The guards bowed to me but I wasn't interested in their greetings. I was happy at the sight of Nicho who looked broken. He was bloody and his eyes were swollen from the beating he had been receiving and he

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